What to pay attention to when connecting the power and water source of the mobile fog cannon

DATE:2021-08-02 16:38:11



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The mobile remote fog cannon is a new type of dust-reducing fog cannon equipment with a hub design that can be used in a variety of occasions, such as temperature and dust reduction on construction sites, municipal greening and maintenance, disinfection and epidemic prevention, and spraying of plant and crop water, fertilizer, and medicine. The barrel of the mobile long-range fog cannon adopts a double-layer design, with a micro-perforated net and a glass fiber cotton interlayer, which can play a good passive silencing effect. Equipped with a stainless steel central nozzle, the water mist is concentrated and the atomization effect is good; with a large water tank with a capacity of 1T, the working area is no longer troubled by the water source conditions, and the spraying time is longer. The mobile long-range fog cannon greatly reduces the cost of manpower and material resources and improves work efficiency.

1. The mobile remote fog cannon machine uses the power frequency power supply provided by the generator set (also can be connected to the mains power supply), the rated working voltage of the motor is AC380V, and the output AC voltage of the generator set is 400V. When the spray particles are close to the dust particles, the dust will be reduced. .

2. When connecting the power cord, the power switch in front of the electric control box of the mobile remote fog cannon should be turned off and in the OFF position, and the wiring can only be carried out after checking and confirming that there is no electricity.

3. The three-phase five-wire system is adopted. When selecting the power cord, the wire diameter should be determined according to the total power stated on the product technical parameters to ensure that the power cord has sufficient load capacity.

4. When the water source is installed, the spray valve of the mobile remote fog cannon is set up, and the water inlet of the fog cannon and the water outlet of the water tank will be directly connected by pipelines after the half-work valve.