There are several common installation methods for fog cannons

DATE:2021-08-04 16:28:29



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The automatic remote fog cannon machine can be equipped with different accessories according to the working conditions and environment requirements to produce fog cannon dust suppression equipment with different functions. For example: remote control sprayer, spray dust removal device, coal feeding system fog cannon, explosion-proof fog cannon, high-pressure remote ejector, intelligent dust controller, dust removal fan, etc.

The electrical components and configuration of the fully automatic remote fog gun machine use booster pumps and fine nozzles to atomize the water, and use the wind of the wind tube to send the atomized water mist out a long distance, so that the water mist and the airborne dust particles are condensed to achieve Purify the air, reduce dust, and cool down.

There are three installation methods for the automatic remote fog cannon. You can choose different installation methods according to your needs: fixed remote spraying device, mobile remote spraying device, and vehicle-mounted remote spraying device. According to the user's installation requirements, there are mainly fixed, tower, elevating, towing and vehicle-mounted models. It can be divided into different operation modes according to the configuration required by the use, such as remote central control, on-site remote control, manual operation, etc. The equipment staff needs to ensure that the equipment is in good condition, and should also avoid prolonged standby or shutdown as much as possible.


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