The principle of engineering mist cannon

DATE:2021-08-13 15:15:29



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Nowadays, what people say is the sprayer that is often described in detail before. Its effect is very powerful. It can gradually atomize the solution into the same mist of smoke and dust, and the other is in automatic dust removal. There is a centrifugal fan device on the fog cannon. According to this device, people can spray the fog of the engineering fog cannon to far away areas. Therefore, the effect of this type of fog cannon is quite large.

Many customers think that the fog cannon must have a Hercules battery to be able to work. I think it can be plugged into a switching power supply. That way is more stable. Because if the battery is used all the time, the equipment is very easy to be accidental. Large or small, then the final actual effect is not satisfactory. There are many types of engineering fog cannons, the big ones and the small ones. The key is to use people’s requirements to make selections. If the scope of people to spray is relatively large, then choose large and medium-sized fog cannons. If the scope of people's spewing is relatively small, just choose a small and medium-sized fog cannon. It's that simple.

To dust on construction sites is the most serious source of environmental pollution. Dust on construction sites has always been included in the personal credit evaluation management system of highway construction actors in prevention work, and we are firmly grasping the key problem of environmental protection of dust on construction sites. Engineering fog cannons are for different engineering construction site dust problems, select good mine dust collector equipment to eliminate the dust problem of the construction site.

General mine dust control equipment includes portable dust-removing fog guns, water-spraying and ash-removing paint spray guns, high-pressure dust-removing spray nozzles, automatic car wash stations for cars, etc. The blowout increase in the index value of the patent output rate has shown a strong support point for my country's economic development, reform and innovation. my country's economic development, reform and innovation is also strongly promoting the global economic independent innovation and the process of the new information revolution system.