Can coal yard fog cannons be used in coal mines with dust removal agent?

DATE:2021-03-02 09:40:20



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At present, coal mines in our country generally adopt comprehensive dust prevention measures based on water. Such as coal seam water injection, spray water spraying, wet operation and wet dust removal, etc. The dust reduction principle of the coal field mist cannon machine spray is nothing more than water mist moisturizes the dust particles floating in the air, which increases the gravity and accelerates the settlement. However, research and practice have shown that the dust reduction effect of clean water is relatively poor, and its dust reduction rate It can only reach about 60%.

The reason is that the coal rock powder has a certain degree of hydrophobicity, and the surface tension of water is large to prevent the water from wetting the dust microrange. In addition, the electrostatic charge carried by the fine dust particles and the electric charge carried by the water-like particles They are the same in nature, and they mutually repel each other. Therefore, the dust is not quickly and completely wetted by water. When using clean water to reduce dust, the amount of water is too small. However, when the water is large, it has an impact on coal quality and its dust reduction effect. For this reason, adding a certain proportion of dust suppressant (also known as aerosol) into the water can greatly enhance the ability of the aqueous solution to wet the coal and dust, thereby greatly improving the dust suppression effect.

So what exactly is the dust suppression principle of the dust suppressant? Dust suppressor is a kind of surface active agent, which is a compound composed of two groups with different properties: hydrophilic group and lipophilic group (or called hydrophobic group and water-repellent group). The so-called hydrophilic group is an atomic group that is easily soluble in water or easy to be wetted by water; while a lipophilic group is an atomic group that has affinity with oils. When this type of substance is mixed into water, its hydrophilic base end is quickly inserted into the water, and at the same time it will accelerate its rapid settlement, which can greatly improve the effect of spraying dust.

However, many users have questions about whether the spray water mist of the coal field mist gun machine will corrode the water tank and the nozzle of the mist gun machine if the dust removal agent is used? According to our manufacturer's research, as long as there is no problem with the water quality when spraying water mist, the coal field mist gun will not block the pipelines and nozzles. Generally, such problems will not occur.