Common installation methods and maintenance procedures for fog cannons

DATE:2021-03-03 11:30:26



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The atomization cooling principle of the fog cannon machine: it is the principle of applying water to the natural climate regulation, using the vaporization cooling method, the water is sprayed in a very fine atomization state through the atomization cooling system, and it is fully mixed with the air to remove air impurities and accelerate Air flow neutralizes the excess positive ions in the air and increases the content of negative ions in the air. The water mist absorbs a large amount of heat during the vaporization process, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling and dust reduction.

What are the common installation methods of fog cannon?

Today, Zheng Tong’s editor will take you to understand: 1. Roof mount: The fog cannon can be installed on the roof of high-rise buildings. It sprays and reduces dust regularly every day. It can be used for a long time, effectively reducing the dust of road vehicles, increasing air humidity, and helping to improve the air quality of surrounding roads and communities. In the actual use of the fog cannon, the sprayed water mist drifts like a drizzle with the wind, floating on the face like a layer of sweat, it will not wet the clothes at all, and will not "mud" on the ground. The smaller the water mist, the easier it is to absorb fine particles, and the water consumption per hour is less, which is more water-saving than a sprinkler.

2. Construction site vehicle: its scope of application includes open-air material storage yard, coal logistics park, open-pit mine mining, open-pit blasting dust, closed unloading area, truck unloading port, dump truck unloading dust, large-scale loading truck working dust, coastal ports Dust pollution control for loading, transporting coal, ore, bulk powder handling, etc.; building construction demolition dust control, construction garbage or waste residue unloading and shipping, mechanical operation local dust control, heavy-duty vehicle transportation road dust pollution control; airport , Highways, stations, wharfs, public places, sports venues, hot venues and other dust reduction, moisturizing, cooling and disinfection.

The application fields of Zhengtong fog guns are mainly used in construction sites, mining stone plants, urban sanitation, port material storage yards and other places. The range of use in each field is different. Usually, the range of application on construction sites is 30-50 meters. In the meantime, the machine is usually a cart type. It needs to be filled with oil in the plunger pump and butter on the rotating bearing for 30 hours of continuous operation. The tires are regularly checked for air pressure, and the internal sand and dust of the water supply system is cleaned to prevent clogging and abrasion. Sprinkler.

The sprayer with a range of 30-80 meters is usually placed in the overhead type. The overhead type has a slow rotation speed, otherwise it will affect the range. Periodic inspection of the rotating motor is necessary. The second is the travel switch, which must be in the dust removal fog cannon. After the machine has been working continuously for 20 hours, check whether the screws are loose. Fill the plunger pump with oil. Refer to different types of plunger pumps for the oil filling amount. Check the belts of the water supply system, etc., as well as circuit inspections, inverter inspections, etc. .