The practical significance of fog cannon dust control in daily life

DATE:2021-03-03 11:56:09



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The new environmental protection fog cannon dust control (conventional type/explosion-proof type) manufactured by our company has the characteristics of rapid temperature reduction, humidification, and dust removal. The fog cannon dust collector can be used for indoor air treatment in manufacturing places that easily emit smoke and dust. It is very effective to prevent and rectify green plant diseases in agriculture and animal husbandry, garden landscape, urban landscaping, and economic development. To purify indoor air, purify the environment, and build emerald green, environmental protection, harmony, and physical and mental A healthy environment has key functions that other commodities cannot replace.

Fog cannon dust removal machine is currently upgraded, more reasonable operation and dust removal equipment in the world. The construction site environmental protection dust removal fog cannon can solve the dust caused by the following loads: coal mining, raw material transportation, domestic waste treatment, construction Wide and comprehensive sites such as engineering construction and demolition, raw material warehouses and seaports. On the other hand, fog cannons are commonly used to reduce PM10 and PM2.5 in big cities, and the dust removal efficiency is about 90%.

The fog cannon dust collector can make full and effective use of water. The new water-saving system software does not waste a little bit of water extravagantly. The effective range of people's new dust fog cannon can vary from 30 to 90 meters. This kind of long-distance effective range The design concept allows the total area and work efficiency of the new dust removal fog machine to be fully improved. The actual effect of dust removal is very obvious, and only one person is required to operate it. It can be manually operated with a remote control, and it can also be used in long-distance bus work. It saves time and effort. Due to various advantages, fog cannon dust collectors have become the key construction site dust-raising machinery and equipment. Environmental protection bureaus across the country are also responsible for supervision and control. Many large cities not only require the application of new dust removal fog cannons on construction sites, Gradually, urban neighborhoods and communities will also use new dust removal fog cannon machines to carry out dust removal work in large cities as a whole, so that everyone can have a more physical and mental health in the natural environment of food, clothing, housing and transportation.