The correct use of fog cannon

DATE:2021-03-05 07:59:49



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1. Before starting the operation, check whether the diesel engine fuel, lubricating oil, and cooling water are sufficient, check whether the power cord for starting the diesel engine is tightly connected to the battery terminal, and check whether the power switch on the generator set is in the off state. Check whether the liquid supply pipelines are tightly connected, and turn on the control switches on the liquid supply pipelines of the spray cylinder.

2. Diesel engine start: turn the start key to the start position, press the electric start motor button and wait for the generator set to run slowly for 1-2 minutes, and then gradually increase the throttle so that the voltage reaches 420 volts (fan start voltage). The normal use voltage is At 380 volts, the cycle meter is at the 50 Hz position, and the main power switch is turned up to the "on" state.

3. Trial operation of the fan: When the generator set is running normally, turn the power switch on the electric control box to the ON position, and turn on the electric "fan on" button on the electric control box or the remote control. The phase voltage detection on the electric control box is twisted, and check whether the voltage of each phase line is balanced. If the balance is not satisfied, check whether the line and terminal are broken, poor contact or other causes of failure. If it cannot be eliminated, you should contact the manufacturer or after-sales service. Click to contact.

4. Trial operation of the fog gun machine: After the fan is operating normally, you can click the "plunger pump on" button on the electric control box or on the remote control. After the liquid is sprayed, check whether the liquid supply pipes and nozzles are leaking. Whether the spray mist is even, if not, adjust the nozzle by screwing; check whether the pointer of the hydraulic pump pressure gauge meets the requirements of the technical data, otherwise, adjust the plunger pump adjustment handle properly to keep the pressure at the technical parameter Within the range of the specified value.

5. When spraying the fog gun, the horizontal spray angle and pitch angle can be adjusted as required. The horizontal twist can be adjusted by pressing the "left" or "right" button on the electric control box or the remote control. The pitch angle can be adjusted according to It is necessary to click the "up" or "down" button on the electric control box or remote control to adjust; the liquid is sprayed from the nozzle to the nozzle of the nozzle through the liquid pump to produce mist, and then sprayed to the object after being broken by the wind of the fan.

6. When the spray canister horizontally turns to the set angle and touches the travel switch, it will automatically stop rotating. If you need to turn to another target spray, you should wait for 2-3 seconds before pressing another Target button; if you need to automatically orbit and spray back and forth, you can pull up the "orbiting reciprocating" on the electric control box, and click the "left" or "right" button, then the nozzle can realize the orbiting reciprocating and automatic rotation.