Focusing on the production and manufacturing of the dust and fog gun equipment, we are more professional

Zhengtong fan is a production-oriented sales enterprise integrating design, manufacturing and sales. More than 3000 users choose Zhengtong fan dust and fog gun with you.

Zhengtong fan has many years of production experience, and its product quality is well known in the industry. We successfully tailored spray and dust suppression solutions for different types of customers.

Strictly control every link to ensure the quality of equipment production

The raw materials used for each product are of high quality brands at home and abroad. Starting from the source, strict control is required to ensure the quality.

The bracket is made of high-quality steel, which is formed by one-time welding. The weld is neat and beautiful, firm and not easy to open.

The products adopt advanced technology and corresponding supporting equipment to ensure the quality of products.

Products from the production to the warehouse, each link is subject to strict factory inspection.

Tailor made 5% - 10% year on year savings

+ Professional product sales consultants, according to your different needs, from the fog gun machine product configuration and actual effect, tailor-made one-stop solution for you.

+ Timely delivery, high cost performance, 5% - 10% year-on-year cost savings .

One to one tracking and considerate service

+With assembly department, timely delivery and delivery.

+Professional technical personnel provide you with free technical training and technical consulting services .

+The professional after-sales team makes regular return visits, responds quickly within 24 hours and arrives at the scene within 48 hours.