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Use fog cannon products for disinfection

Due to the large flow of people on municipal roads or some public places, frequent disinfection is very necessary. However, the traditional disinfection spraying equipment has too low efficiency and the spraying range is not wide enough. The use of our fog cannon products can effectively disinfect large areas. During operation, the disinfectant and water are mixed and sprayed out of the nozzle over a long range, which greatly improves the actual work efficiency


  • 01

    Long effective range and wide spraying range

  • 02

    The falling speed of fine mist is very slow and can reach many hidden corners

  • 03

    The consumption of water and disinfectant is very low, and the cost is lower than traditional disinfection equipment

  • 04

    This process uses only a small amount of liquid. It will not leave puddles on the floor and will not cause any problems in indoor use

  • 05

    This equipment can not only spray disinfectant liquid, but also can be used for dust reduction and cooling in other occasions

Application field


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Some pictures of our fog cannon products used in disinfection