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Concert cooling

"Fog Cannon" is mainly used in open or semi-open spaces. It uses the confluence of aerosols to achieve evaporative heat absorption. Generally, it can reach a cooling effect of 5℃-7℃, and the temperature is fast, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In the concert, due to the open environment with a large number of people, it is generally impossible to use other cooling equipment.

The use of the fog gun machine can automatically spray a large area of water mist. The atomized particles are extremely fine. No matter whether people touch or objects touch the water mist, they will not notice water droplets, which can effectively cool down the temperature.

Advantages of using our
solution for concert cooling

  • 01

    The concert personnel are relatively dense, and the fog cannon equipment can spray water mist on a large area to cool down.

  • 02

    The fog cannon is movable and can be used for different working environments.

  • 03

    It can not only reduce the temperature, but also realize the dust reduction treatment at the same time, with one machine for multiple purposes.

  • 04

    Remote control system to ensure the safety of operators.

  • 05

    Fog cannons can be installed with colored lights on both sides of the air duct to activate the atmosphere

Advantages fog cannon


Professional manufacturers with years of experience, high quality, high quality and competitiveness provide a wide range of products to meet different needs;


The flexible power supply shown: a three-phase 380V power supply, which can be changed to other voltages;


The fog cannon has strong ability, long throwing range, wide coverage, accurate spray volume, high efficiency and fast spray speed;


Compared with traditional sprinkler equipment, the water consumption is reduced by 70%-80%, and the coverage is wide;


The fog droplets form a layer of wet fog, which is in contact with the floating dust and hitting the dust at high speed;


Flexible, safe and reliable. Disassembly control and manual control operation can easily adjust the horizontal rotation spray angle.