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Lawn maintenance

What is the maintenance method of the lawn? Many people don't know that the maintenance of lawn is actually very troublesome. How to maintain lawn specifically? If you want to maintain the lawn, you need to water it reasonably. Generally, it is better to water it every 2 days. When watering, it needs to be evenly watered. Do not show that there is too much water in some places and less water in some places. , So the lawn will have serious unevenness.

In response to this phenomenon, our fog cannon products can easily meet these needs. The water mist of the spray nozzle is very fine, covering the lawn surface more evenly, and can play a good role in lawn maintenance.

Advantages of using our
solution for lawn maintenance

  • 01

    Fully automatic control, improve manual work efficiency.

  • 02

    The water mist sprayed by the nozzle is very fine, the atomization effect is good, and the lawn is covered more evenly.

  • 03

    The farthest range can reach 120 meters, covering the lawn in all directions.

  • 04

    Compared with traditional sprinkling lawn maintenance equipment, it saves water sources and effectively saves operating costs.

  • 05

    Fog cannon products can be moved, not only for lawn maintenance, but also for other dust reduction occasions.

Advantages fog cannon


Professional manufacturers with years of experience, high quality, high quality and competitiveness provide a wide range of products to meet different needs;


The flexible power supply shown: a three-phase 380V power supply, which can be changed to other voltages;


The fog cannon has strong ability, long throwing range, wide coverage, accurate spray volume, high efficiency and fast spray speed;


Compared with traditional sprinkler equipment, the water consumption is reduced by 70%-80%, and the coverage is wide;


The fog droplets form a layer of wet fog, which is in contact with the floating dust and hitting the dust at high speed;


Flexible, safe and reliable. Disassembly control and manual control operation can easily adjust the horizontal rotation spray angle.