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Warehouse cooling

Warehouses generally have two building structures: brick wall structure and steel structure tin tile. It is a headache to improve the ventilation and cooling environment of brick wall and steel structure tin tile warehouse. The warehouse area is large and the height is relatively high. Fast heat dissipation and slow heat dissipation. When solving the high temperature and sultry environment of the warehouse, if the overall temperature is reduced, the investment cost is high and many areas are not necessary. Therefore, most of them use the installation of mobile fog cannons to cool down.

Advantages of using our
solution for warehouse cooling

  • 01

    The fog cannon machine can be designed to be movable to cool down the specific area of the warehouse.

  • 02

    Compared with traditional ventilation and cooling equipment, the coverage area is larger and the operating cost is low.

  • 03

    It can not only play a role in cooling down, but also effectively reduce dust and ensure the working environment of the warehouse.

  • 04

    The water mist sprayed by the nozzle is extremely fine and will not form water on the warehouse floor.

  • 05

    Fully automatic remote control, easy to operate and improve work efficiency

Advantages fog cannon


Professional manufacturers with years of experience, high quality, high quality and competitiveness provide a wide range of products to meet different needs;


The flexible power supply shown: a three-phase 380V power supply, which can be changed to other voltages;


The fog cannon has strong ability, long throwing range, wide coverage, accurate spray volume, high efficiency and fast spray speed;


Compared with traditional sprinkler equipment, the water consumption is reduced by 70%-80%, and the coverage is wide;


The fog droplets form a layer of wet fog, which is in contact with the floating dust and hitting the dust at high speed;


Flexible, safe and reliable. Disassembly control and manual control operation can easily adjust the horizontal rotation spray angle.