Thai customers buy fog cannons for use with sprinklers

DATE:2021-03-03 16:59:43



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In a recent endeavor to combat urban smog and industrial 

dust, a group of Thai customers invested in advanced 

vehicle-mounted fog cannons. This strategic purchase has 

not only enhanced their dust suppression efforts but also 

significantly improved air quality in various industrial and 

urban settings.

The customers, comprising municipal authorities and 

private enterprises, operate in environments ranging 

from construction sites and municipal roads to coal 

yards and power plants. Their primary objective was to 

find a robust solution for dust control and cooling in 

areas with high dust concentration.

Before the acquisition of fog cannons, the clients faced 

several challenges:

1.High Dust Levels:Urban smog and industrial dust were 

affecting air quality and visibility.

2.Regulatory Compliance:Adherence to environmental 

regulations required effective dust suppression measures.

3.Public Health Concerns:Elevated dust levels posed health 

risks to workers and nearby residents.

The fog cannons purchased by the Thai customers are 

capable of atomizing tap water into fine water mist 

particles ranging from 50 to 200 microns. This water mist 

is then sprayed at high altitudes, providing an effective 

solution for dust suppression and cooling. 


Features and Benefits:

1.Versatility:Suitable for various environments such as 

urban areas, construction sites, coal yards, power plants, 

and ports.

2.Efficient Dust Suppression:The water mist fully blends 

with dust particles,forming clusters that rapidly settle 

due to gravity, effectively reducing dust levels.

3.Cooling Effect:In addition to dust suppression, the fog 

cannons also provide a cooling effect, enhancing comfort 

in high-temperature areas.

4.High Altitude Reach:The ability to spray water mist at high 

altitudes ensures comprehensive coverage of large areas.


The fog cannons were mounted on vehicles, allowing for 

mobility and flexibility in addressing dust suppression 

needs across different sites. The implementation process 


1.Site Assessment:Evaluating specific dust control 

requirements for each location.

2.Training:Providing operational training for staff to ensure 

efficient use of the equipment.

3.Regular Maintenance:Establishing a maintenance schedule 

to keep the fog cannons in optimal condition.


Since the deployment of the vehicle-mounted fog cannons,

the Thai customers have reported significant improvements:

1.Reduction in Dust Levels:A noticeable decrease in airborne 

dust particles has been observed, enhancing air quality.

2.Compliance with Regulations:The fog cannons have enabled 

customers to meet stringent environmental regulations.

3.Improved Public Health:Lower dust levels have contributed 

to better health outcomes for workers and residents.

4.Positive Feedback:The effectiveness of the fog cannons 

has garnered positive feedback from both clients and 

regulatory bodies.


The successful implementation of vehicle-mounted fog 

cannons by Thai customers highlights the effectiveness 

of this technology in addressing urban and industrial 

dust challenges. The comprehensive dust suppression 

and cooling capabilities have made a significant impact,

ensuring compliance with environmental standards and 

improving public health.

By investing in fog cannons, these Thai customers have 

demonstrated a commitment to enhancing air quality 

and safeguarding the environment, setting a benchmark 

for other regions facing similar challenges.