Thai customers buy fog cannons for use with sprinklers

DATE:2021-03-03 16:59:43



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The vehicle-mounted fog cannon can atomize the tap water into water mist with a size of 50-200 microns, and spray high water mist. It is suitable for urban smog, construction sites, municipal roads, coal yards, power plants, ports, and other industrial and mining sites with relatively large dust. It has the function of spray dust removal and cooling. The initial dust particles and the water mist fully blend, and gradually solidify into particle clusters. Under the influence of their own gravity, they rapidly sink to high altitudes, thus reaching the index of dust fall. When the fog droplets with larger particle diameters fight with dust particles, the dust is static from bottom to top, and the water mist particles are static from top to bottom. In the static process, large dust and large water mist particles, small dust and small dust Water mist particle phase union