Indonesian customers purchase 10 high-tower fog cannons from our company for dust reduction

DATE:2021-03-06 14:39:09



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A large coal preparation plant in Thailand was facing a 

significant issue with high dust concentrations. This dust 

problem not only worsened the working environment and 

increased the operational procedures for workers but also 

posed health risks and potential safety threats to the plant. 

Additionally, it caused environmental pollution around the 

plant. Therefore, studying the dust control system and 

seeking key parameters for effective dust suppression 

became an urgent task for the mine. This was also one 

of the crucial tasks for safe production and improving 

the coal preparation plant’s operations.

The high dust concentrations at the coal preparation plant 

mainly stemmed from:

1. Dust emissions during the coal crushing process.

2. Dust generation during coal loading and transportation.

3. Dust dispersion during coal storage and stacking.

These issues not only impacted workers' health but also 

increased equipment wear and maintenance costs. 

Moreover, the dust pollution affected the surrounding 

environment, raising the difficulty and cost of 

environmental management.



To effectively suppress dust emissions during coal 

processing, the Thai customer decided to use a 

combination of sprinklers and fog cannons. The specific 

solution included:

1. Installing high-efficiency sprinklers in the coal crushing 

area to continuously spray water mist, reducing dust 


2. Using mobile fog cannons during coal loading and 

transportation to spray high-pressure water mist, 

suppressing dust.

3. Setting up fixed fog cannons in the coal storage and 

stacking areas to periodically spray water mist, minimizing 

dust dispersion.

Implementation Results

After a period of usage, the combined sprinkler and fog 

cannon system achieved remarkable results at the Thai 

coal preparation plant:

1. Dust concentrations were significantly reduced, 

improving the working environment.

2. Workers' operational procedures were simplified, and 

their health conditions were protected.

3. Equipment wear and maintenance costs were lowered, 

enhancing production efficiency.

4. Environmental pollution in the surrounding areas was 

reduced, decreasing environmental management costs.

By using the combined sprinkler and fog cannon system, 

the Thai coal preparation plant not only solved its dust 

problems and improved the working environment and 

workers' health but also significantly reduced equipment 

maintenance costs and environmental management 

expenses. This contributed greatly to the plant's safe 

production and environmental protection efforts.

This success story provides valuable experience and 

reference for other coal preparation plants facing similar 

issues, demonstrating the effectiveness and feasibility of 

using sprinkler and fog cannon systems in practical