Dust Suppression Cannon Successful Case: Environmental Improvement at a Malaysian Chemical Plant

DATE:2024-06-25 17:47:57



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We are delighted to share a recent success story involving a 

chemical plant in Malaysia.This plant,facing challenges with

 managing air quality and gas emissions,reached out to us 

through our independent website seeking a solution.After 

thorough consultation and evaluation,they decided to invest 

in our cutting-edge fog cannon,specifically designed for 

their needs.

The fog cannon chosen for this project was a robust model 

capable of handling a 50-meter spray range,perfect for their 

industrial setup.With a powerful air volume of 9,000 cubic 

meters per hour and an air pressure of 1200 Pa,this fog 

cannon was tailored to effectively combat acidic and alkaline 

gases,common in chemical processing.


To ensure durability and reliability in Malaysia's tropical 

climate,we incorporated a thickened stainless steel shell 

and high-strength fiberglass blades into the fog cannon's 

design.These enhancements not only increased its 

operational stability at high speeds but also significantly 

boosted its corrosion resistance,making it a perfect fit for 

the plant's harsh environment.

Upon installation and use,the fog cannon exceeded 

expectations.Our Malaysian client praised its seamless 

operation,remarkable processing efficiency,and most 

importantly,the noticeable improvement in air quality 

within their facility.This successful deployment not only 

met their environmental management goals but also 

showcased the exceptional performance of our fog 

cannons in demanding industrial settings.

This case study underscores our commitment to 

delivering high-quality environmental solutions to 

clients globally.We remain dedicated to innovation 

and continuous improvement,ensuring that our 

products and services meet and exceed customer