Successful Case Study―Deploying a Fog Cannon at an Indonesian Chemical Plant

DATE:2024-06-24 17:08:40



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We are thrilled to share a successful customer case study.

 An Indonesian chemical plant contacted us through our

 independent website and eventually purchased a fog 

cannon suitable for a 3.5*5 meter high spray tower. This 

fog cannon can handle acidic and alkaline gases after 

being diluted by the spray, with an air volume of 12,000 

cubic meters per hour and an air pressure of 1600 Pa.

an li 1.jpg

To ensure the fog cannon operates efficiently in harsh 

environments, we used a thickened stainless steel shell 

and high-strength fiberglass blades, ensuring stability and 

reliability even at high speeds. Our design not only improves 

the durability of the fog cannon but also significantly 

enhances its corrosion resistance, making it ideal for 

handling acidic and alkaline gases in chemical plants.

During actual use, the fog cannon performed excellently, 

earning high praise from the customer. They particularly 

noted the smooth operation, high processing efficiency, 

and significant improvement in air quality within the plant. 

The outstanding performance and durability of the fog 

cannon not only met but exceeded the customer's 


This successful case not only demonstrates the exceptional 

performance of our fog cannons but also strengthens our 

confidence in providing high-quality environmental 

management equipment to customers worldwide. We 

will continue to innovate and optimize, offering even better 

products and services to our customers.