What are the starting methods of the dust removal fog cannon machine?

DATE:2021-04-02 14:00:38



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The dust removal mist cannon machine is based on the principle of air delivery. It first uses an imported high-pressure pump and a fine atomizing nozzle to atomize the water, and then uses the air volume and pressure of the fan to send the atomized water mist to a longer distance, so that the water mist can reach farther. At the same time, the distance can cover a larger area, and the water mist and dust will fall after condensation, so as to achieve the purpose of dust reduction.

 The start mode of the dust removal fog gun machine can be divided into the following four types:

1. Direct start: suitable for motors with power ≤ 11kw, also known as full voltage start. Advantages: low investment cost, simple structure and easy maintenance. Disadvantages: the starting current is large, and the impact on the power grid is large; when the fuel generator is used for power supply, the required generator capacity is required. When frequently started, the impact of high current will reduce the service life of electrical equipment.

2. Star-delta start: It is suitable for the start of a three-phase asynchronous motor with "△" connection during normal operation. It is a step-down starting method in which the stator winding is switched from "Y" connection to "△" connection when the motor starts. Advantages: The starting current is 1/3 of the direct starting, which has a small impact on the grid, and has a simpler structure and lower cost than other step-down starting methods.

3. Soft start: It is used to start a motor with a power of ≥45kw. By controlling the conduction angle of the three-phase parallel thyristor, the voltage loaded on the motor is gradually increased to achieve a smooth start. Advantages: A variety of starting modes are available, with various protections such as phase loss, overload, over current, over temperature, etc., and the starting torque is small, and the impact on the power grid is small, which can effectively improve the service life of the equipment. Disadvantages: The cost is relatively high, and there is harmonic interference. When the power grid fluctuates, it will increase the failure rate of the thyristor. It requires more professional technicians to maintain and repair.

4. Inverter start: It is suitable for occasions that require speed control. Adjusting the speed and torque of the motor by changing the output power frequency is the current high-tech motor start control method. Advantages: The motor speed gradually increases with the frequency, the frequency is adjustable, the speed is controllable, the start is smooth, the control function is complete, the control effect is good, and the impact on the grid is small. It is the best start when the fuel generator is used for power supply or the grid system is unstable. the way. Disadvantages: large size, high cost, frequency interference, complicated internal structure, maintenance and repair by professional technicians.