What are the classifications of the water ring configuration of the dust removal fog cannon?

DATE:2021-03-08 13:15:15



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1. Single water ring and single water inlet: A single water ring and one water inlet are the most widely used and cost-effective way of water supply for fog cannons. The number of single nozzles is limited.

2. Double water ring and single water inlet: Two water rings and one water inlet can effectively increase the number of nozzles, and the number of nozzles and the nozzle diameter can be matched flexibly.

3. Double water return water inflow: multiple water loops, each water loop can individually control the water inflow, and the water volume can be flexibly adjusted. For different applicable places, the cabinet can achieve energy saving and environmental protection and can meet the needs of customers.  

4.the central nozzle module: the shape adopts a conical warhead design, installed in the center of the air outlet, the water mist is concentrated, the atomization effect is good, and the pushing distance is long.