What are the characteristics of the mine dust reduction fog cannon machine?

DATE:2021-08-14 14:49:33



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Mine dust control fog cannon is a sharp weapon for open-pit mining plants to suppress dust. The mine dust removal fog cannon is a new type of spray dust reduction and dust removal equipment developed by the principle of water mist reduction. It has the characteristics of large dust reduction area, water saving and good dust removal effect.

ZT series dust removal fog cannon is a series of fixed dust removal fog cannons produced by Zhengtong, with a range of 20-120 meters for users to choose.


1. The fog gun host has flexible control methods, which can be divided into local control, remote control on-site control, fully automatic control, and remote control. Up and down, left and right steering are divided into: left and right 0-350° automatic steering device, up and down -5-45° pitch angle hydraulic adjustment system, which is quick, reliable, flexible and convenient to start.

2. The host adopts a frequency converter to control the startup to ensure the stable operation of the fan and reduce consumption. Various control methods such as star-delta start and soft start can also be configured according to user requirements.

3. Wide range of fixing methods: There are multiple installation methods such as fixed, tower, lift, tow, and vehicle mounted.

4. Fog cannon machine air duct, impeller, collector, nozzle, guide vane, the overall design is excellent, under the same range, the fan power is small, the overall size of the air duct is short, and the performance is stable. The function conversion efficiency is high, the range is long, the coverage area is wide, and the water mist is small and uniform.

5. The appearance of the fog gun machine adopts sandblasting and rust removal, and the use of brand paint for spraying and baking paint, which has a long service life, beautiful appearance, fashion and novelty.