Daily maintenance of coal field fog cannon machine

DATE:2021-03-15 13:28:11



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The working environment of dust suppression sprayers in coal yards is generally poor. The equipment will be covered by a thick layer of dust after ten and a half months of use. Therefore, dust suppression sprayers must be regularly maintained, inspected and maintained during daily use. It can reduce the probability of equipment failure and prolong its service life. The maintenance and daily inspection of the coal yard dust sprayer can be carried out according to the following items:

1. Check whether the V-belt is slack. If there is slack, adjust it according to the manual of the dust-reducing sprayer.

2. Frequently check whether the lubricating oil and plunger grease in the plunger pump are sufficient, otherwise, add oil.

3. Check whether the spray tube is broken and whether the spray tube joint gasket is damaged. If the spray tube is broken or the joint gasket is damaged, replace it.

4. Lubricate each lubrication point, keep it clean, and remove sludge in time.

5. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble electrical appliances, collide with the water nozzle, forbid the water level to be lower than the height of the pump, and forbid to disassemble it by yourself.

6. When the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C, attention should be paid to the antifreeze of the circulating water system to prevent rabbits from freezing and cracking the body.

7. It is strictly forbidden for mud, sand and debris to enter the water tank, so as not to block the pipes, nozzles or damage the plunger pump; if the nozzle is blocked or leaks, the water pump should be shut down to clean and remove.

8. After the operation of the dust-reducing sprayer, the water in the machine must be drained, especially in areas with low temperature and easy to freeze. When not in use, the water in the machine must be thoroughly drained to avoid freezing and cracking the equipment and pipes.

9. Check the condition of the nozzle, such as whether it is worn or not. 10. Check whether the machine is leaking.

10. Check whether the pressure gauge, control valve and other accessories are operating normally and whether they are damaged.

12. After use, drain the water in the pipeline and equipment, and loosen the pressure regulating handle of the control valve.