How to distinguish the model of the fog cannon?

DATE:2021-08-16 14:45:10



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How to distinguish the specifications and models of fog cannons: currently affected by environmental pollution, fog cannons are popular with the public due to their environmental protection and dust reduction characteristics. In practical applications, due to the obvious effect of dust reduction and dust reduction, they are used in various environmental protection fields.

However, there are too many types of fog cannons planned, which are difficult to distinguish, and often cause various problems. Therefore, the following distinguishing methods have been sorted out.

1. Name difference At present, there is no unified name for the fog cannon. You can call it "fog cannon, fog cannon, fog cannon fan" or "cannon fog machine", or "long-range sprayer/long-range sprayer" or "fog shooter". ".

2. the difference in range Depending on the manufacturer, the range of the fog cannon can range from 15 meters to 140 meters, or even 150 meters. Therefore, there are also "30-meter fog cannons, 40-meter fog cannons, 50-meter fog cannons, 60-meter fog cannons, and 70-meter fog cannons. M fog cannon, 80m fog cannon, 90m fog cannon, 100m fog cannon, 120m fog cannon" and "150m fog cannon/150m super large fog cannon" etc.

3. the difference between operation and installation and use In terms of operation mode, the fog cannon has multiple operation modes such as "full-automatic, semi-automatic, manual", etc., so there are "full-automatic fog cannon, semi-automatic fog cannon, manual fog cannon In terms of installation, fog cannons have "vehicle type, tower type, fixed type" and other installation methods; therefore, "vehicle (type) fog cannon, mobile type fog cannon", "tower type fog cannon, fixed type mist cannon" It also appeared.

4. the difference in application areas Due to the characteristics of environmental protection and dust removal, fog cannons have been used in many fields, such as "construction sites, logistics and transportation, demolition sites, coal plants, power plants, factories and mining enterprises", etc., so "construction site fog cannons" and "coal cannons" have appeared. Factory fog cannon, coal factory special fog cannon", "environmental protection dust removal fog cannon, explosion-proof fog cannon".