How to distinguish the model of the fog cannon?

DATE:2021-08-16 14:45:10



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Fog cannons have gained popularity 

due to their environmental protection 

and dust reduction capabilities. They 

are widely used across various 

environmental protection fields 

because of their effective dust 

suppression. However, the multitude 

of fog cannon types available can make 

differentiation challenging. 

Here are some key distinguishing methods:

1.Naming Variations

   There is no standardized name for fog cannons

They can be referred to as"fog cannon,""fog cannon fan,"

"cannon fog machine,""long-range sprayer,"or"fog shooter."


2.Range Differences

   Fog cannons' range can vary significantly depending 

on the manufacturer, ranging from 15 meters to 150 meters. 

Commonly used ranges include "30-meter fog cannons,"

"40-meter fog cannons," "50-meter fog cannons," "60-meter 

fog cannons," "70-meter fog cannons," "80-meter fog 

cannons," "90-meter fog cannons," "100-meter fog 

cannons," "120-meter fog cannons," and "150-meter 

fog cannons."

3.Operation, Installation,and Usage Differences

   Operation Modes:Fog cannons come in various operation 

modes, including "fully automatic," "semi-automatic," and 

"manual." Thus, you may encounter "fully automatic fog 

cannons,""semi-automatic fog cannons," and "manual 

fog cannons."

   Installation Methods:Fog cannons can be installed in 

different ways such as "vehicle type,""tower type," and 

"fixed type." This leads to terms like "vehicle fog cannon," 

"mobile fog cannon,""tower fog cannon," and "fixed fog 


4.Application Areas

     Due to their environmental protection and dust 

removal characteristics, fog cannons are used in numerous 

fields including "construction sites," "logistics and 

transportation," "demolition sites," "coal plants," "power 

plants," and "factories and mining enterprises." Therefore, 

terms like "construction site fog cannon," "coal plant fog 

cannon," "factory fog cannon," "coal factory special fog 

cannon," "environmental dust removal fog cannon," and "

explosion-proof fog cannon" are commonly used.

By understanding these distinctions, users can better 

navigate the wide variety of fog cannon options available 

and select the most appropriate model for their needs.