How to maintain the fog cannon when used in agriculture?

DATE:2021-03-16 13:49:44



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Fog cannons are now being used in many places, and the degree of wear of fog cannons varies in different areas. Maintenance items of fog gun machine in agriculture: before work, you should pour clean water into the medicine box, carry out test spray, calibrate the fog gun machine, stabilize the engine speed and spray pressure, to ensure that the nozzle atomization is good and uniform spray. Then, according to the types of pests and crops, determine the types of pesticides to be used, the amount of pesticides applied per mu, and the dilution concentration, and the pesticides must be strictly dispensed in accordance with the instructions for use of the pesticides. Add medicine first, then add water. The added liquid must be clean to avoid clogging the nozzle and causing malfunctions.