What is the role of fog cannon in summer?

DATE:2021-08-06 15:00:19



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The hot summer is coming, do we feel that our feet are almost cooked on the road and feel uncomfortable. What if a sprinkler passed by. It can clean the road, cool down, and also play a role in beautifying the environment. This is the fog cannon produced by Zheng Fan. It can not only clean roads, but also effectively cool down construction sites, construction units, and house demolition. After he atomized the water, he sprayed the mist to a distant place through a fan, combined with the pollution source in the air, agglomerated to form particle-sized water droplets, which fell to the ground under their own gravity, which played a role in improving the road environment.

The fog cannon machine mist is used in different places, and the effect is different. Used in places, its spraying distance is relatively close, such as factory buildings, squares, farms, etc. When used in outdoor places, its spraying distance will be farther, such as docks, ports, city streets and so on. Therefore, no matter where it is used, its use effect and production capacity are relatively good. It also has a good effect on our living environment and the beautification of the city. The purpose of spraying water from the fog cannon to cool down brings us a cool and comfortable summer and a beautiful life system in the traffic environment.