Application of fog cannon in coal industry

DATE:2021-04-13 15:13:06



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Coal mine dust pollution has always been the focus of air environmental pollution. How to suppress the dust in the air has always been the goal pursued by environmentalists. Now a water mist atomization method of dust reduction and environmental protection equipment "fog cannon machine" has been born. It can atomize water particles into very small particles and combine with dust in the air to increase the specific gravity to achieve the purpose of dust reduction. After a long time of promotion and application, the fog gun machine has made outstanding contributions to the control of coal mine dust. It can be called dust control. Great hero!

    Zhenton Fan Manufacturing is an established manufacturer of fog cannons. The environmental protection equipment of fog cannons has passed international system certification. At present, air-supplied fog guns have been widely used throughout the country, and the environmental protection department also requires that each construction site must be installed and used.

    The fog cannon is a device that sprays and suppresses pollutants such as road dust, construction dust and industrial and mining dust. At the same time, it can also spray industrial and mining dust generated during transportation, loading and unloading or storage of materials. Dust down. It is possible to fundamentally control dust pollution and allow all industrial and mining enterprises to perform clean production to reduce the amount of dust generated.

    Fog cannons can be divided into three specifications: automatic, semi-automatic and manual. They are easy to operate, easy to use, and movable. It can be installed on a sprinkler transport vehicle as a whole, with its own generator, good maneuverability, simple vehicle-mounted fog cannon machine and excellent electronic control function during work, so that the operability is greatly enhanced, and the driver can drive to any demolition. The dust reduction area is sprayed and dust is not restricted by region, and the operation can be completed independently.