Application of fog cannon in coal industry

DATE:2021-04-13 15:13:06



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Coal mine dust pollution has always been a major concern for air quality. Environmentalists have long sought effective methods to suppress airborne dust. The emergence of the "fog cannon machine" has revolutionized dust reduction through water mist atomization. This equipment atomizes water into tiny particles that combine with dust, increasing their weight and effectively reducing dust levels. Over time, fog cannon machines have made significant contributions to controlling coal mine dust, earning them the title of dust control heroes.


ZhenTon Fan Manufacturing is a well-established manufacturer of fog cannons. Their environmental protection equipment has achieved international system certification. Currently, air-supplied fog cannons are widely used across the country, with environmental protection departments mandating their installation and use at all construction sites.

Fog cannons are designed to spray and suppress pollutants such as road dust, construction dust, and industrial dust. They are also effective in controlling dust generated during the transportation, loading, and storage of materials. By fundamentally addressing dust pollution,fog cannons enable industrial and mining enterprises to maintain cleaner production environments and reduce dust generation.

Fog cannons come in three specifications: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. They are easy to operate, user-friendly, and mobile. They can be mounted on sprinkler trucks with built-in generators, providing excellent maneuverability. The vehicle-mounted fog cannon machine features advanced electronic controls, enhancing operability. Drivers can easily navigate to any demolition or dust reduction area and spray as needed, without regional restrictions, completing operations independently.