The scope of application of environmental protection dust removal fog cannon machine

DATE:2021-04-15 13:00:51



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Dust pollution is the main cause of current air pollution. In order to improve the current air pollution problem, we must first solve the problem of dust pollution, and dust removal fog cannon equipment came into being.

The environmental protection dust removal fog gun machine is based on the principle of air delivery, using imported high-pressure pumps and nozzles to atomize the water, using the air volume and pressure of the fan to send the atomized water mist to a longer distance, which can cover a larger area and achieve dust removal and cooling. Purify the environment and change the purpose of the air.

The scope of application of the environmental protection dust removal fog gun machine:

1. The urban PM2.5 air exceeds the standard, pollution control, dust reduction and fog removal, urban environmental management, dust on the bare ground, implementation of greening projects, greening spraying and dust reduction measures.

2. Dust removal in the storage yard, such as coal piles, material piles, ash piles, open-air loading and unloading operations in the storage yard, etc., use sprayers or sprays to achieve stable dust suppression.

3. Construction site garbage, demolition and other construction projects, waste slag waste, loading and unloading and stacking, and other dust pollution control activities.

4. Material transportation, sand and gravel, soil anticorrosion, vehicles and heavy vehicles that are prone to generate dust and pollutants in coal char, garbage, muck, etc. There is also dust pollution control caused by spillage or leakage of materials during transportation.

6. Spray disinfection and sterilization in airports, highways, stations, docks, public places and landfills. Perform dust reduction, moisturizing, cooling and disinfection in sports venues and hot venues.

7. It is suitable for the prevention and control of various economic plants and protective forest diseases and insect pests. Large air volume, high wind pressure, and rotating airflow can completely atomize the mixed pesticide liquid, quickly turn the plant leaves, so that the pesticides are saturated and cover the plant trunks and leaves, thus playing a role in preventing and controlling pests.