How to adjust the pressure of the fog cannon?

DATE:2021-07-13 17:31:54



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The high-pressure fine mist fog cannon machine is a dust suppression device that uses high-pressure atomization to spray into fine water mist. The sprayed fine water mist particles are sent to high altitude by the wind and condense and gather with the dust. After reaching a certain weight, they will sink and fall to achieve reduction. The purpose of raising dust. The pressure of the high-pressure fine mist dust removal fog gun machine is adjusted from the inside of the equipment. When the motor drives the transmission mechanism of the plunger pump to move, it will produce an eccentric effect to drive the plunger to reciprocate back and forth. By repeating this action, the high-pressure fine mist dust-removing mist gun machine forms a constant pressure spray system.

The following introduces the pressure adjustment method of the high-pressure fine mist dust removal fog gun machine:

1. When the plunger moves to the left, the internal volume of the working chamber changes from small to large to form a vacuum. At this time, the water outlet valve should be closed, and the water inlet valve should be opened to complete the water absorption process.

2. When the plunger moves to the right, the internal volume of the studio changes from large to small, thereby generating pressure. At this time, the outlet valve should be opened and the inlet valve should be closed. Water or chemicals will be sprayed from the outlet pipe and nozzle with constant pressure.

The pressure regulating mechanism can realize the pressure adjustment of the high-pressure fine mist dust removal fog gun machine. When the pressure regulating handwheel is rotated clockwise, the pressure regulating spring will also be stretched and compressed, resulting in a decrease or increase in the return flow. More liquid is pressed towards the ejection part, so the pressure in the system increases. On the contrary, the pressure drops.