How to prevent mine dust-fog cannon machine

DATE:2021-05-27 08:33:43



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Mine dust is a variety of fine particles of solid substances produced in various production links during the production process, collectively referred to as mine dust, mine dust, coal dust, rock dust and cement dust. It exists in floating dust and falling dust. According to the size of mineral dust, there are total dust and respirable dust. What are these specific?
Let's take a look at what these dusts are in detail below!
1. Floating dust: This is the mineral dust suspended in the air of the mine for a long time, called floating dust.
2. Falling dust: This is a kind of mine dust that falls due to its own weight and is deposited on the roof, side, floor and objects of the roadway. It is called falling dust, also called sedimentary dust.
3. Total dust: refers to all the mine dust with different particle sizes, also called total dust.
4. Respirable dust: refers to the floating dust that can be inhaled by humans in the alveolar area of the human body. The particle size is below 5um, and it contains coal dust and rock dust.
How should it be governed? Excessive dust in the workplace not only pollutes the environment, affects the line of sight, and affects benefits. It is not conducive to timely detection of hidden accidents, but also has great harm to the human body. If the human lungs inhale a large amount of mineral dust, it will cause pneumoconiosis, which can block human eyes, irritate the eyes, cause vision loss, and cause inflammation of the floating suction tract.
Therefore, for the health of workers and people's living environment, fog cannon machines are based on demand. The emergence of the fog gun machine effectively solves the floating dust floating in the air. Using a new high-pressure spray technology, the sprayed water mist can quickly combine with the dust and fall to the ground, so as to achieve the effects of dust suppression, dust reduction, and dust removal.
In addition, the water mist particles of the fog cannon machine are nano-sized, and will not produce water droplets. It can reach a dust settling rate of about 90%, and will not cause secondary pollution. It is much smaller than the conventional water gun spray, which greatly saves water. Resources.