AAA How to prevent mine dust-fog cannon machine

DATE:2021-05-27 08:33:43



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Mine dust encompasses a variety of fine 

particles produced during various stages 

of mining operations.This includes mine 

dust,coal dust,rock dust,and cement dust.

Mine dust exists as both floating dust and 

falling dust,and can be classified into total 

dust and respirable dust based on particle 


Let's delve into these types of dust in detail:

1.Floating Dust:This type of mineral dust remains 

suspended in the air within the mine for extended 

periods,hence the name floating dust.

2.Falling Dust:Falling dust is the type of mine dust 

that settles due to its weight,depositing on the roof,

sides,floor,and objects in the mining roadway.It is 

also known as sedimentary dust.

3.Total Dust:Total dust refers to all mine dust with 

varying particle sizes.

4.Respirable Dust:This is the floating dust that can be 

inhaled into the alveolar region of the human lungs.

Particles are smaller than 5 micrometers (µm) and 

include both coal dust and rock dust.

Health and Environmental Impacts of Excessive Dust


Excessive dust in the workplace poses significant risks:

Environmental Pollution:Dust can severely pollute the 

environment and impair visibility,which can affect 

operational efficiency and safety.

Health Risks:

Inhaling large amounts of mineral dust can lead to 

pneumoconiosis,a serious lung disease.Dust can also 

cause eye irritation,vision loss,and respiratory tract 


Safety Hazards:Dust can obscure hidden dangers,making 

it difficult to detect potential accidents in a timely manner.

Effective Dust Control with Fog Cannon Machines

To address these issues,fog cannon machines have 

emerged as a crucial solution for dust control.These 

machines utilize advanced high-pressure spray 

technology to combat airborne dust effectively.

Here's how they work:

Water Mist Technology:The fog cannon sprays fine 

water mist particles that quickly bind with dust particles,

causing them to settle to the ground.This process 

significantly reduces airborne dust.

Nano-sized Particles:The water mist particles are nano-

sized,which prevents the formation of water droplets 

and avoids secondary pollution.

High Dust Suppression Rate:Fog cannon machines can 

achieve a dust settling rate of approximately 90%,

making them highly efficient.

Water Conservation:Compared to conventional water 

gun sprays,fog cannon machines use much less water,

conserving valuable resources.

For the well-being of workers and the protection of the 

environment,implementing effective dust control 

measures is essential.Fog cannon machines provide

practical and efficient solution to manage mine dust,

ensuring a safer and healthier workplace.

By understanding the types of mine dust and their 

associated risks,and utilizing advanced dust control 

technologies,we can mitigate the harmful effects of 

dust in mining operations.