What are the uses of the cannon fog machine? What is it for?

DATE:2021-05-28 09:05:36



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What are the uses of the cannon fog machine? What is it for? Speaking of the fog machine, some people may not know what it is for? What it looks like, but when it comes to fog cannon sprinklers that spray water mist to cool down city streets and sprayers that reduce dust on construction sites, I believe that many people know what they have seen and have a certain impression. Because we can basically see these tomorrow, and road maintenance and air purification, these equipment are indispensable, we usually see the fog gun machine spraying several meters of water mist on the street to maintain the road. And dust.
    With the rapid development of my country’s economy, the scale of urban construction and industries have also expanded rapidly, but the accompanying air pollution is also becoming more and more serious, endangering people’s respiratory health. How can we reduce the content of pollutants in the air and improve urban air quality? Meet the national environmental protection standards?
    Dust particles are caused by dust in urban construction, automobile exhaust emissions, daily electricity and industrial production. In order to reduce the PM2.5 content in the air as much as possible, the emergence of fog cannons has solved this situation. The fog machine uses high pressure to atomize the water into particles of the same size as the dust, and then sprays out. The sprayed water mist can reach a long distance according to the selected fog cannon's range, and spray coverage above or around the dust source. , To achieve the effects of dust suppression, dust removal and cooling.
    The scope of application of the fog machine is very wide. It can adjust the air humidity in the square. The spray dust can also be used in mining areas, house demolition sites, coal yards, steel plants, etc., and the product is used in power generation and smelting. , Coal, coal chemical, demolition construction, mining, highways and other industries have played a significant role, especially suitable for large-scale, open-air mining or storage base dust suppression requirements.