What are the types of pitch structures of fog cannon?

DATE:2021-06-24 16:25:39



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Pitch Structure Configurations of Fog Cannons:

1.Pull Rod Control:Utilizes a cam transmission mechanism 

featuring a speed reducer, cam disc, transmission rod, and 

rod sleeve. A decelerating motor rotates the cam disc, 

causing the transmission rod assembly to reciprocate 

vertically. The rod sleeve on the blower's drive shaft moves 

up and down accordingly. Advantages include simple 

structure, precise vertical movement adjustment via the 

pull rod's fixed position on the cam plate.

industrial dust cannon machine

2.Electric Push Rod:A modern electric actuator comprising 

motors, push rods, and control devices, enabling remote 

and centralized control. Key advantages are its compact 

design, high precision, excellent self-locking performance 

driven directly by the motor.

automatic fog cannon machine


3.Hydraulic Cylinder:Powered by a motor, it uses a two-way 

gear pump to output pressure oil, controlling the 

reciprocating motion of the piston rod via an oil circuit 

manifold. Benefits include load start capability, overload 

protection, low energy consumption, sealed structure for 

longevity, and a self-locking mechanism ensuring the 

piston rod remains in position post-motor shutdown.

mist spray cannon machine

Applications of Fog Cannons:

1.Industrial Use:Open-pit material storage yards, coal 

logistics parks, mining operations, and bulk material 

handling sites to control dust during loading, unloading, 

and transportation.

2.Construction and Demolition:Dust suppression during 

building demolition, construction waste handling, ship 

transport, and road dust control from heavy-duty vehicle 


3.Public and Environmental:Airfields, highways, stations, 

docks, public spaces, and sports venues for dust 

reduction, air cooling, and disinfection.