How to maintain the fog cannon equipment after long-term use?

DATE:2021-06-21 17:09:33



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As a commonly used machine, fog cannon equipment also requires regular maintenance and maintenance. If the fog cannon is improperly operated or stored, it will easily be corroded and shorten its service life. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to during maintenance:

Before operating, please follow the manual of the fog cannon. Check and adjust the state of each part, lubricate the lubrication points, and keep the body clean.

After the operation is over, rinse in time and spray with clean water several times to remove the residual liquid in the liquid tank, liquid pump and pipeline. Check whether the sprayer is malfunctioning and let it dry.

After the seasonal operation is over, the fog cannon equipment can be stored for a long time. In addition to cleaning the valve body, the V-belt, spray hose, nozzle, mixer and suction tube should also be removed. Put the body in a cool and dry place. If it is a rubber product, you need to hang it on the wall to avoid crushing damage. At the same time, you need to stay away from chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other corrosive items to avoid rust and damage.