Comprehensive Guide for Troubleshooting Fog Cannon Equipment

DATE:2021-08-18 14:20:21



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1.Power Generation Mode

Confirmation:Verify whether the power generation mode is via a generator or directly connected to 380V high power.

Observation:Ensure normal power generation and check if the voltage (350V-420V) and current values during operation are within a reasonable range.

2. Fan Issues

Inspection:If the fan turns on and off abruptly,inspect the integrated protector's display.
Overload Light:Check the current value at shutdown and adjust it to a suitable level.

Lack of Phase Light:Inspect the fan wiring for any looseness.

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3. Water Pump Problems

Initial Check:If the water pump stops unexpectedly,first check for blockages or mechanical sticking.
Protector Display:If the overload light is on,adjust the current value at shutdown.

Lack of Phase Light:Examine the pump motor wiring for looseness.If the phase issue persists,contact after-sales service for motor inspection.Confirm the customer's water supply method to rule out high-pressure overcurrent issues.→Spray cannon dust and odour suppression

4.Generator Considerations

Power Check:If the generator's current settings are correct but it still fails to work continuously,assess whether the generator power is sufficient.

Alternative Test:Directly connect to high power for testing.If the issue resolves,contact the generator manufacturer for repairs.

5.PLC System

Interference Issues:If the fan,pump,and lateral movements stop simultaneously,consider signal interference.Automatic recovery may occur after a short period.Installing a filter can resolve this.→concrete batch plant dust control

6.Limit Switch

Switch Check:Ensure the limit switch is correctly wired.The middle limit should be normally closed.Incorrect wiring (normally open) can prevent lateral movement.→demolition dust suppression equipment

7.Soft Starter Cabinet or Inverter

Error Codes:If installed,check screen prompts and refer to error codes for diagnosis.

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By following these detailed steps, you can effectively troubleshoot common issues with fog cannon equipment,ensuring optimal performance and longevity.This comprehensive guide is designed to be user-friendly and searchable,making it easier for users to find and implement solutions.