How to solve the problem that the dust suppression does not emit water?

DATE:2021-03-29 13:36:21



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1. Water and gas are sprayed out at the same time when spraying: the reason is that the weld of the infusion tube in the barrel of the dust reduction fog gun is unsoldered, or the infusion tube is corroded by the chemical liquid,  

2. No mist and dripping water: One reason is that the filter in the casing of the fog gun is blocked, and the other is that the oblique hole in the nozzle is blocked. Just remove and clear the blockage.

3. The air cylinder cannot be used for air intake: one reason is that the cup of the fog cannon shrinks and hardens, and the fog cannon machine wears and breaks when the machine fails; the other is that the screw at the bottom of the cup falls off and the cup is taken off. Remove the shrunken leather bowl and soak it in engine oil or animal oil, and then install it after expansion; replace the broken leather bowl with a new one. If the screw is loose, install the leather bowl and tighten it.

4. The sprayed mist is scattered and not conical: the reason is that the nozzle shape of the dust removal fog gun is incorrect or blocked by dirt. How to eliminate the obstacles and cause poor atomization. The nozzle cap should be unscrewed to adjust, and the dirt on the nozzle hole should be removed.

5. Water from the plug rod and gland: How to eliminate the desoldering of the cylinder wall and the bottom of the cylinder? Or the steel ball in the valve housing is stuck by dirt and cannot be closely attached to the valve body. Welding repair or dirt removal should be carried out as the case may be.

6. Air cylinder gland or water filling cap leaking: this situation is mainly caused by the lack of tightness. Check whether the rubber gasket of the dust removal fog gun is damaged or not leveled, and whether the flange is disconnected from the gas cylinder, and the gasket should be replaced according to the situation. , Install and level, repair the de-soldering part.

7. Water leakage of the switch: If the switch of the fog cannon is damaged or the asbestos rope under the switch cap is aging, the gap will cause water leakage. The new product or asbestos rope should be replaced according to the situation, and the fog cannon can be tightened.