How to use the fog cannon on the construction site?

DATE:2021-07-05 17:47:46



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As the Chinese government requires more efforts to control dust on construction sites, fog cannons must be equipped to reduce dust when carrying out earthwork, stone decoration, supporting construction, and early warning of heavy pollution weather. So how to use the fog cannon on the construction site?

1. The operator must carefully read the instructions attached to the product, and must be on duty by a trained and qualified person.

2. When the water source is not connected, the water pump cannot be started first to avoid burnout. Do not use corrosive or viscous liquids.

3. Water quality treatment; the mud and debris entering the water supply pipeline will block the pipeline and nozzles, which will affect the spray effect and even cause damage to the water pump. Sites with poor water quality need to install a filter device.

4. In the environment where the temperature of the work site is lower than 0℃, the water inlet valve on the water supply pipeline should be closed immediately after the equipment is shut down, and the water discharge valve of the fog gun machine should be opened to drain the remaining water in the pump and pipeline. , So as not to freeze the pipeline and rust the waterway and cause damage to the fog cannon.

5. If the equipment is working continuously, check the high-pressure water pump once a week. If the butter cup in the water pump is insufficient or the lubricating oil level is low, please stop and refuel immediately.

6. There are hoisting rings on the equipment. When installing or moving the equipment, the sling or sling can only be hung on the hoisting ring, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the equipment.

7. During the normal operation of the fog cannon, no people (especially non-professionals) shall stand within 5 meters of the equipment; no debris shall be placed within 1 meter of the air inlet of the air duct.

8. Please check the piled debris near the area before the start of the operation. If there is any, please clear it in time to avoid unnecessary accidental injury.