Performance Test of Mobile Environmental Protection Fog Cannon

DATE:2021-06-25 16:43:50



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The performance test of the mobile environmental protection fog cannon focuses on studying the characteristics of the rotary centrifugal dust removal fog cannon. It includes analyzing the diameter of the droplets, the distribution law of droplet settlement, the uniformity of droplet deposition density, the effect of air delivery, and low-volume spray. The goal is to understand the interaction and matching relationship of various parameters and their working principles to provide technical support for further optimization and reform, industrialization design, and precise process research of key components.

Dust Suppression Water Cannon

The primary working principle involves a submersible liquid pump outputting liquid, which is then transported to a highly rotating atomization turntable via a large flow channel liquid delivery system.Under high-speed centrifugal force,the liquid is atomized into fine droplets at the edge of the turntable.These droplets are then thrown out radially and blown forward by the fan. The rotary centrifugal atomization's characteristics and the accurate measurement and analysis of droplet diameter,settlement distribution law,and deposition density uniformity are conducted using a computer image analysis system.This experimental research has enabled us to master the mutual matching relationship and working principle of various parameters, providing technical support for further optimization and industrial design of key components.


Features and Applications

The mobile environmental protection fog cannon offers several advantages:
Long Range and Wide Spray Range:Capable of covering large areas effectively.
High-Point Spray:Ensures comprehensive dust suppression.
Small Mist Particles and Uniform Atomization:Delivers fine mist for efficient dust control.
Safe and Convenient:Easy to operate and maintain.
Strong Dust Removal Ability:Effective in various environments.
High Work Efficiency:Maximizes productivity.
Environmental Protection and Energy Saving:Reduces water and chemical usage.

This technology is widely used in coal docks,underground coal mines,industrial and mining yards,material storage yards,and other areas to protect the environment and public health.By reducing dust and particulate matter in the air,it helps lower the incidence of occupational diseases and decreases air pollution.

Significance for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

In today's society,environmental protection and sustainable development are critical trends.Companies with a long-term perspective can leverage these opportunities to expand their ambitions.The mobile environmental protection fog cannon plays a significant role in reducing dust and particulate matter at the source, contributing to a cleaner atmosphere and better health outcomes for workers in dusty environments.This technology is an essential choice for solving ecological environmental problems in our country and promoting the construction of an ecological civilization.