What are the model types of fog cannons?

DATE:2021-07-06 17:51:53



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The fog cannon machine uses high air pressure to pressurize the water, and enters the high-pressure nozzle through the pipeline to produce water mist that is sprayed in the gas. The water mist is sent to a longer distance through the mist shooting system software. It can absorb fine dust and floating particles in the gas to achieve dust reduction.

    The fog cannons produced by Zhengtong are divided into four categories according to their main purposes: mobile fog cannons, vehicle-mounted fog cannons, fixed fog cannons, high-tower fog cannons, etc. These fog cannons have different usage characteristics. , Let’s learn about it with Zheng Tong Xiaobian next!

    1. Features of mobile fog cannon:

    1. The mobile fog cannon is easy to move, convenient to transition, strong wind speed, long range, wide coverage area and high working efficiency.

    2. Safe and convenient, you can use the front, back, left and right remote control for actual operation.

    3. It can maintain constant, low volume and ultra-low volume spray in various forms.

    4. Three-phase 380V voltage can be selected, and it can be used as a mobile drag type or fully mobile mobile plan.


    Second, the characteristics of the vehicle-mounted fog gun machine:

    1. It has a long range, small water volume, and the effective range can be selected from 20-120 meters.

    2. The dust suppression effect is one-tenth of the water consumption of traditional self-spraying machinery and equipment.

    4. Wide range, can keep 360 degree rotation, strong maneuverability and convenient transition.

    5. Where need to go, vehicle-mounted installation, suitable for large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprise disposal sites, not subject to regional restrictions.

    Three, fixed fog cannon machine characteristics:

    1. Strong penetrating power, strong wind speed, high effective range, capable of refined spray and fine mist particles.

    2. The dust reduction rate is fast, the work efficiency is high, and the coverage is more than other spray equipment.

    3. Have high credibility, reliability, and safety factor.

    4. The actual operation of the remote control can be maintained, and the elevation and horizontal corners of the spray can be manipulated.

    5. It can be installed on a fixed service platform, and can also be installed on a variety of light trucks and large tractors.

    Fourth, the characteristics of the high-tower fog gun machine:

    1. It can be installed on a tower, with high spraying and large area coverage,

    2. The work efficiency is high, the scope is wide, and the speed is very fast.

    3. One-key start, heating and heat preservation, stable operation

    In general, no matter what type of fog gun machine you choose, it can improve people's work efficiency and reduce the total capital investment of machinery and equipment. It is much better than traditional self-injection in application flexibility and overall application power of machinery and equipment. mechanical equipment.