What are the characteristics of new energy fog cannon vehicles?

DATE:2021-07-08 16:37:01



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With the rapid advancement in new 

energy technologies, our company 

has developed an innovative electric 

fog cannon. This pure electric sprinkler 

is powered by a DC motor and a 

lead-acid lithium iron battery, eliminating 

the need for fuel. It offers convenient 

charging and operates efficiently while 

saving water and electricity.

The new energy fog cannon vehicle integrates essential 

components such as a DC motor, high-pressure fan, 

horizontal and elevation control devices, airflow diversion 

system, atomizing nozzles, high-pressure pump, and water 

storage tank. Water is pressurized by a pump and 

delivered to the atomization device through pipelines, 

creating a fine mist that effectively suppresses dust and 

suspended particles over longer distances.


Designed for versatility, our fog cannon finds applications 

in municipal green spaces,agricultural operations,

construction site demolition, mining areas, coal chemical 

facilities, cement plants, thermal power stations, and 

materials handling facilities with heavy dust concentrations.

The new energy fog cannon stands out with its efficient 

DC motor drive, offering a higher energy efficiency ratio 

compared to inverters. This design ensures extended 

operational times with the same power input, making it 

ideal for sustained dust suppression tasks.

Its mobility and ease of use make it suitable for a wide 

range of environmental conditions and applications. 

Whether it's for maintaining municipal greenery, cooling 

urban areas, supplying fertilizers in agricultural settings, 

or managing dust at industrial sites like mining areas 

and cement plants, the fog cannon proves indispensable.

Moreover, by harnessing the power of water mist 

technology, our fog cannon effectively mitigates 

airborne pollutants and enhances air quality. Its 

eco-friendly operation aligns with global sustainability 

goals, making it a preferred choice for industries and 

communities alike.