What are the characteristics of new energy fog cannon vehicles?

DATE:2021-07-08 16:37:01



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With the development of the times, new energy equipment that uses batteries to provide electrical energy and drive electric motors has developed rapidly and gradually began to replace fuel-based products. Following the development of the times, our company has developed this new energy fog cannon.

This fog cannon is a pure electric sprinkler. The motor is driven by a DC motor and powered by a lead-acid lithium iron battery. It is convenient to use, convenient to charge, and does not need to add fuel; while ensuring the dust suppression effect, it saves water and electricity.

The new energy fog gun vehicle is mainly composed of main components such as a motor, a high-pressure fan, a horizontal rotation device, an elevation control device, a diversion wind, an atomizing nozzle, a high-pressure pump, and a water storage tank. It uses a water pump to pressurize the water and input it to the high-pressure nozzle atomization device through a pipeline to form water mist that is sprayed in the air. The water mist is sent to a longer distance by the spray water pump, and the water mist can absorb the small particles in the air. Dust and suspended particles, so as to achieve dust reduction. The accessories of the whole machine combine the characteristics of electric vehicles and adopt DC motor drive mode. The energy efficiency ratio is higher than that of the inverter. The same power can get longer working time.

Due to the convenient transfer of the new energy fog cannon, it has a wide range of applications. At present, it is mostly used for: municipal greening and cooling, agricultural and forestry fertilizer supply or demolition of construction sites, mining areas, coal chemical enterprises, cement plants, thermal power plants, materials and mineral products Heavy dust areas such as open-air storage plants.