What are the uses of dust suppression fog cannon in industrial and mining enterprises?

DATE:2021-03-31 14:11:10



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The coal yard dust reduction fog gun machine has high working efficiency, fast spraying speed, and has a strong adsorption force for dust floating in the air, which can save water consumption and reduce environmental pollution; the environmental protection dust removal sprayer is simple to use, safe and reliable, and cost-effective High, can be operated manually or remotely, electronically compatible, suitable for a large range, can be freely changed spray angle, water consumption can be reduced by about 80% compared with other spraying equipment, the coverage area of fog drop is larger than other dust suppression equipment.

In order to ensure the effective control of dust on construction sites and industrial and mining enterprises, the dust-reducing fog cannon on the construction site has been included in the standard environmental protection equipment on the construction site. If the construction site and industrial and mining enterprises want to meet environmental protection standards, they must be equipped with a dust-reducing fog cannon (site dust collector). Normal operation operation.

Main Features of Dust Suppression Fog Cannon Machine

1. Long range, wide coverage, high work efficiency, can achieve precise spray;

2. The sprayed mist particles are small, and when in contact with the dust, a moist mist is formed, which can quickly suppress the dust

3. The supporting power is flexible, and it can be powered by three-phase 380V city electricity or diesel generator set;

4. It can be fixedly installed on a concrete pouring platform, or it can be installed on a transport vehicle with a diesel generator set;

5. Flexible hand operation, remote control or manual control, horizontal rotation and spray angle can be adjusted at will, safe and reliable to use;

6. Compared with other dust suppression spraying equipment (sprinklers, sprinklers), the water consumption of the fog cannon can be reduced by 70% -80%, and the water mist coverage is much larger than other dust suppression spraying equipment.