How to adjust the left and right rotation of the dust removal fog cannon?

DATE:2021-04-13 15:12:09



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Fog cannon spray technology has now been widely used, whether it is environmental protection industry or agriculture can see the figure of spray technology. Of course, the application of fog cannon spray is far more than that, but do you know how the fog cannon operates? Next, Zheng Tong will introduce how to adjust the left and right rotation of the dust removal fog gun.

    The dust removal mist gun machine is based on the principle of air delivery, using imported high-pressure pumps and nozzles to atomize the water, using the air volume and wind pressure of the fan to send the atomized water mist to a longer distance, so that the water mist can reach a longer distance while covering more Large area, it is produced by special micron-level spray unit under different pressure and flow control of water and air.

    The range of the dust removal fog cannon is 25-120 meters. Compared with ordinary sprinklers, the mist sprayed by the fog cannon is extremely small. In the haze weather, liquid mist can be used to reduce dust, decompose and desalinate the concentration of particles in the air, and quickly force polluting particles floating in the air to fall on the ground to achieve the effect of cleaning and purifying the air. In addition, for the same 10 tons of water, ordinary sprinklers can only spray for 10 minutes, while the new fog cannon can spray for 1 hour, covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters, which greatly improves the utilization of water resources.

    Fog cannon machine.jpg

    The fog cannon machine looks like a giant, but there are three modes of operation to choose from, including automatic, semi-automatic, and manual operation. When using the fog cannon, it can be controlled with only a small remote control. The remote control is marked with fan on and off, water pump on and off, and spray port up, down, left, and right. There are 8 buttons in total. It can be operated in the cab and it is very convenient to use.

    Fog cannon is a kind of engineering environmental protection facility, which is mainly used to control construction dust, reduce dust hazards, and solve the problem of air dust from road machines, especially in dust-heavy areas such as coal mines and cement plants. ...