Fog Cannon Machine―Comprehensive Dust Suppression Solution

DATE:2021-05-26 09:01:56



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The fog cannon machine is an advanced dust suppression system composed of five main components:a water supply system,an atomization system,an air supply system,a power supply system,and a control system.Its dust reduction principle involves atomizing water into droplets ranging from 30 to 200 microns,which then effectively encapsulate dust particles.This increases the weight of the dust,causing it to settle on the ground and achieve an optimal dust suppression effect.

Fog cannons,also known as dust removal fog cannons,remote sprayers,fog shooters,and cannon fog machines,operate on the same principle despite the various names.They utilize high-pressure water pumps and high-pressure centrifugal fans to atomize water and project it as a fine mist with considerable force.This process not only removes dust but also cools the environment and purifies the air.


Key Features of Environmental Protection Dust Reduction Fog Cannon Machine

1.High Efficiency:The sprayed water mist quickly binds with dust particles,resulting in immediate and effective dust suppression.

2.Extended Range:High-pressure spraying ensures a long-range and wide coverage area.

3.Energy Saving:Compared to traditional spray guns and sprinklers,this dust suppression equipment saves 70-80% of water through efficient atomization.

4.Flexibility:The machine offers strong adaptability,with options for a diesel generator set or direct 380V supply.

5.Mobility:It can be installed on a supporting transport vehicle for easy use or fixed in dusty areas,catering to diverse application scenarios.

6.Intelligent Operation:The system can be manually controlled remotely or connected to an environmental monitoring system to start and stop automatically based on preset parameters.

The fog cannon machine represents a state-of-the-art solution for dust suppression,cooling, and air purification.By integrating advanced technologies and intelligent features,it offers a high-efficiency,energy-saving,and flexible approach to managing dust in various environments.Its versatility and intelligent operation make it an ideal choice for industries looking to enhance environmental protection and operational efficiency.