Can the dust-removing fog cannon machine be used to suppress dust on the construction site?

DATE:2021-05-26 09:01:56



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The fog cannon machine is composed of water supply system, atomization system, air supply system, power supply system and control system. Its dust reduction principle is to atomize water to 30 microns to 200 microns, and then effectively wrap the dust to increase The weight of the dust can be landed on the ground to achieve the dust suppression effect.
    Fog cannons are called dust removal fog cannons and remote sprayers, fog shooters, and cannon fog machines. Although there are many names, the products are the same. Its working principle is to use high-pressure water pumps to atomize water through high-pressure centrifugal fans. The huge wind force sprays out the water mist to achieve the effects of dust removal, cooling and air purification.
    The environmental protection dust reduction fog cannon machine has the following characteristics:
    High efficiency: The sprayed water mist can combine with the dust to settle, and the dust reduction effect is immediate.
    Range: High-pressure spray, with super long range and large coverage area.
    Energy saving: Atomization reduces dust, compared with contrast spray guns and sprinklers, dust suppression equipment saves 70-80% of water.
    Flexible: strong adaptability, it can be equipped with diesel generator set, or 380V direct supply can be selected.
    Mobility: It can be installed with a supporting transport vehicle and is convenient to use, and it can also be fixed in dusty areas with diversified application scenarios.
    Intelligent: It can be remotely controlled manually or connected to the environmental monitoring system, and automatically start and stop according to preset parameters.