AAA What are the methods of using the fog cannon dust suppression?

DATE:2021-06-07 09:00:43



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Dust arises from airborne fine particles 

moved by wind. A fog cannon's atomizing 

nozzle sprays water, merging with dust 

to increase its weight, causing it to settle. 

Powered by a high-pressure pump and 

wind, these cannons can reach 30 to 80 

meters, offering cost efficiency.

When using a Zheng Tong fog cannon dust collector, 

follow these steps:

1.Preparation:Ensure diesel fuel, lubricating oil, and 

cooling water levels are adequate. Check battery 

connections for the diesel engine's starter and verify 

tight connections of liquid supply pipelines. Activate 

the control switches on the spray cylinder's liquid 

supply pipeline.

2.Starting the Diesel Engine:Turn the start lock to 'start,' 

press the start motor button, and allow the generator 

to idle for 1-2 minutes. Gradually increase throttle until 

voltage reaches 420 volts (fan start voltage). Normal 

operating voltage is 380 volts at 50 Hz. Ensure the 

main power switch is set to 'on.'


3.Fan Trial:Once the generator operates normally, switch 

the electric control box to 'on.' Press 'fan on' on the 

electric control and confirm the fan operates smoothly. 

Check phase voltage balance using the knob on the 

electric control box. Address any imbalance issues with 

lines or terminals by consulting the manufacturer or 

after-sales service.

Fog cannons serve various sectors. They benefit fruit 

growers and farmers, offering mobile capabilities. 

Automatic models rotate 340 degrees and adjust 

vertically by 60 degrees, operable via remote control 

cycles. Compared to traditional dust suppression 

methods like spraying, fog cannons save 70%-80% 

and cover larger areas with water mist.

Fog cannons play a crucial role in diverse applications,

from agriculture to industrial settings. They effectively 

suppress dust by combining atomized water with 

airborne particles, making them heavier and causing 

them to settle.

Key features and benefits of ZhenTon fog cannons include:

Versatility:Suitable for fruit tree growers, farmers, and 

various mobile operations due to their wide coverage 

and adjustable angles.

Efficiency:Automatic rotation up to 340 degrees and 

vertical movement of 60 degrees enable comprehensive 

dust suppression with minimal manual intervention.

Cost-effectiveness:Compared to traditional spraying 

methods, fog cannons save 70%-80% of water and 

operational costs, making them environmentally and 

economically beneficial.

Coverage:Their ability to disperse water mist over large 

areas surpasses other dust suppression equipment, 

ensuring thorough dust control.

ZhenTon fog cannons are a sustainable solution for dust 

management across different industries, offering 

efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly 

dust suppression capabilities.

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