What are the methods of using the fog cannon dust suppression?

DATE:2021-06-07 09:00:43



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Dust is formed by small particles floating in the air by the action of wind, and the water sprayed by the atomizing nozzle of the fog gun machine is atomized and combined with the dust to increase its specific gravity and drip into the air through the high-pressure water pump and the wind The range of the fog cannon can reach 30 to 80 meters, and the wide range can better save the user's cost.

    The following is how to use the fog cannon dust collector, users must pay attention when using it! Next, let's get to know the methods of fog cannons with Zheng Tong!
    1. Before starting operation, please check whether the diesel engine fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water are sufficient, and check whether the power cord used to start the diesel engine is firmly connected to the battery terminal. Check whether the liquid supply pipelines are tightly connected, check whether the power switch on the generator set is in a separated state, and turn on the control switches on the liquid supply pipeline of the spray cylinder.
    2. Diesel engine start: turn the start lock to the start position, press the start motor button and wait for the generator set to run slowly for 1-2 minutes, then gradually increase the throttle so that the voltage reaches 420 volts (fan start voltage), and the normal use voltage is 380 Volts, the cycle meter is at the 50 Hz position, and the main power switch is turned up to the "on" state.
    3. Trial operation of the fan: When the generator set is operating normally, turn the power switch on the electric control box to the ON position. Then press "fan on" on the electric control and wait for the fan to run normally, twist the phase voltage detection knob on the electric control box to check whether the voltage of each phase line is balanced, if unbalanced, check whether the line and terminal are disconnected, If poor contact or other failure causes cannot be eliminated, contact the manufacturer or after-sales service point.
    The use of fog cannons involves many fields. It can be sprayed to some fruit tree growers and farmers. It can be used for mobile operations. The automatic fog gun can rotate 340 degrees and move up and down 60 degrees. As long as one remote control cycle, it can be operated, and, Compared with dust removal equipment (spraying, sprinkler), it can save 70%-80%, and the water mist coverage is much larger than other dust suppression spraying equipment.