The Zhengtong long-range fog cannon machine can operate flexibly and quickly reduce dust!

DATE:2021-06-08 17:25:43



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In an environment where PM2.5 is severely exceeded, dust removal and dust reduction are particularly important, and the emergence of fog cannons can better achieve dust removal and dust reduction, because the spray area of fog cannons is wide, and the specific spray can be designed and produced according to different requirements .
    Fog cannons are suitable for cleaning road surfaces in environmental sanitation, dust removal in mines, noise reduction and environmental protection, air dust removal and cooling, agricultural spraying, engineering sites and many other aspects of dust removal and humidification maintenance.
    The operation mode of the fog cannon can be divided into semi-automatic fog cannon, manual fog cannon, and automatic fog cannon. Its product types can be divided into fixed fog cannon, mobile fog cannon, vehicle-mounted fog cannon, and hand push. Fog cannons, towed fog cannons, automatic fog cannons, hydraulic fog cannons, long-range fog cannons, etc. You can also use the range to separate fog cannons, such as 30-meter fog cannons and 50-meter fog cannons. The user can choose the appropriate type and range of the fog cannon according to the range of dust reduction required by the machine, 60-meter fog cannon, 80-meter fog cannon, and 100-meter fog cannon.
    Next, let's take a look at the characteristics of the 100-meter large long-range fog cannon!
    1. Long range, wide coverage, strong skill, can achieve precise spraying.
    2. The spray speed is fast, the work efficiency is high, and the dust can be quickly suppressed in places and areas that are easy to cause dust.
    3. It can be powered by a matching diesel generator set or 380V city power. The matching power is flexible and easy to use.
    4. The fog cannon machine can be installed on the supporting diesel generator set to supply power and installed on the transportation vehicle, or it can be fixedly installed on the concrete pouring platform, which is convenient and flexible in operation, safe and reliable in use.
    5. The fog cannon machine has two functions: remote control operation and manual control operation. It can freely control and adjust the horizontal rotating spray angle to achieve 360-degree spraying without dead ends to reduce dust, and its water consumption is more energy-saving compared to other dust suppression spraying equipment, and The dust area covered by water mist is much larger than other equipment.