Enhancing Dust Control with Fog Cannons in High PM2.5 Environments

DATE:2021-06-08 17:25:43



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In environments where PM2.5 levels are severely exceeded,effective dust removal and reduction are crucial.Fog cannons offer a superior solution for this task,thanks to their wide spray coverage and customizable designs to meet specific requirements.These machines are suitable for various applications, including road cleaning, mine dust suppression,noise reduction, environmental protection,air cooling,agricultural spraying,and construction site maintenance.

Types and Operation Modes of Fog Cannons

Fog cannons come in various types and operation modes to suit different needs:

Operation Modes:

1.Semi-Automatic Fog Cannon

2.Manual Fog Cannon

3.Automatic Fog Cannon


Product Types:

1.Fixed Fog Cannon

2. Mobile Fog Cannon

3. Vehicle-Mounted Fog Cannon

4. Hand-Push Fog Cannon

5. Towed Fog Cannon

6. Automatic Fog Cannon

7. Hydraulic Fog Cannon

8. Long-Range Fog Cannon

Additionally,fog cannons can be categorized by their range,such as 30-meter,50-meter,60-meter,80-meter,and 100-meter fog cannons.Users can select the appropriate type and range based on their specific dust reduction needs.

demolition dust suppression equipment

Key Features of the 100-Meter Long-Range Fog Cannon

1.Extended Range and Wide Coverage:The 100-meter fog cannon offers long-range,wide coverage,and strong capabilities for precise spraying.

2.High Efficiency:With fast spray speed and high work efficiency,it can quickly suppress dust in areas prone to dust accumulation.

3.Flexible Power Options:It can be powered by either a diesel generator set or 380V city power, offering flexible and convenient power solutions.

4.Versatile Installation:The machine can be mounted on a diesel generator set,a transport vehicle,or fixedly installed on a concrete platform,ensuring flexible and safe operation.

5.Dual Control Functions:Featuring both remote and manual control operations, it allows for adjustable horizontal rotating spray angles to achieve 360-degree coverage without dead ends. It also uses less water compared to other dust suppression equipment, covering a larger area with water mist.

By leveraging the advanced technology of fog cannons,environments with high PM2.5 levels can achieve significant improvements in dust control and reduction,contributing to better air quality and overall environmental health.