Is the spray volume of the mist cannon machine the larger the better?

DATE:2021-04-15 13:01:43



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Customers who purchase a fog cannon for the first time may feel that the larger the spray volume of the fog cannon, the better! In fact, this is wrong. The larger the spray water volume of the fog cannon, the smaller the distance between the ground to be sprayed. This will increase the frequency of water discharge in the water storage tank of the fog cannon. As the relative fuel consumption on the round-trip journey increases, its economic benefits will decrease.

In fact, the size of spray water does not have a specific main parameter, which should be determined by the specific conditions of the sprayed area and seasonal changes. When the ground is extremely dry or the air index is not good, the amount of water spray should be increased relatively. When it is raining and sunny, when some road sections are still wet and cold, the amount of water spray should be relatively reduced. If there is too much soil or material on the ground, an environmental sanitation sweeper or workers are required to clean the fog cannon machine.

The large amount of spray water is very easy to cause water storage in low-lying roads, and part of the water will be injected into the sewer pipe along the road, resulting in two-way waste of water resources and economic development. When there is too much soil on the road, it is very easy to produce muddy conditions, resulting in a large number of secondary pollution on the road, more serious or even blocking the sewer pipes. After the road is dry, it is more likely to produce large-scale yellow sand and environmental pollution, which will cause constant environmental sanitation and road sweepers.

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