What are the characteristics of the dust removal fog cannon machine?

DATE:2021-04-16 13:34:05



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The fog cannon machine is an environmental protection equipment for dust removal and dust reduction. The principle is to atomize water with high-pressure water, and the atomized water droplets and dust particles in the air absorb and fuse, and the gravity of itself causes the dust particles to sink to achieve dust reduction. Effect.

    Take our company’s product ZT-II-80 as an example, with a range of 75-80 meters (customizable, up to 200 meters). The control methods are divided into local control/remote control/remote control. The operation methods are fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual, The rotation angle is 0-350°, the pitch angle is -5-45°. The company's products have added automatic reset and automatic drain function. The power distribution can be selected from three-phase 380v city power or the supporting diesel generator set. I want to know more For more information, please consult Zheng Fan.

 Dust removal fog cannon machine greatly reduces environmental pollution, so what advantages does fog cannon machine itself have?

    1. With novel design and compact structure, it can be tailored to customers according to customer requirements and different working environments. For personalized design and production, it can be equipped with various light trucks, tractors or other transportable vehicles.

    2. Strong skill, large air volume, uniform atomization, fine mist particles, long range, high work efficiency, and fast spraying speed. The spraying operation can be carried out while driving, and the scope of application: dust removal and dust suppression at the loading and unloading ports, slag dropping ports, ash warehouses, etc. of coal plants, steel plants, and stockyards.

    3. Compared with other dust suppression spraying equipment (spraying, sprinkler), the water consumption can save 70%-80%, and the water mist coverage area is much larger than other dust suppression spraying equipment.

    4. The entire spray system is composed of a water supply system and a control system. The water system is composed of water sources, pipelines, valves, filters and dust removal atomizing nozzles. The control system consists of solenoid valves, sensors and controllers. The spray dust reduction system has the characteristics of convenient operation, maintenance-free, fast and flexible, which can quickly achieve the purpose of dust reduction