The noise of the fog cannon is too loud, please pay attention to these points

DATE:2021-05-25 08:17:34



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The noise of the fog cannon is too loud. In fact, we need to pay attention to the following points when using it:

1. The base of the fog cannon is unstable. When the fan is working, a lot of noise is generated due to unbalance. At this time, the base needs to be fixed. Generally, the balance index can be reached by changing the position or filling the gasket.

2. It may also be that the parts of the machine are damaged, and the power supply needs to be cut off, the machine is turned off, the system is checked, and the damaged parts are replaced.

3. If the speed is too high or the fan rotates in the wrong direction, it may also cause a lot of noise. This is an error in the construction. It should be adjusted in time after discovery, otherwise the machine will be damaged.

4. Foreign matter enters the fan and causes noise. This situation is usually common in construction sites or sand quarries. Because the environment in these places is relatively dusty, foreign objects should be removed in time.

Pay attention to the operation of the machine and protect the machine when operating the fog cannon. The working environment of the fog cannon is very important. It is necessary to keep the surface of the fog cannon motor clean to ensure that the tuyere is not affected by the dust and fibers.

With its excellent performance characteristics, the fog cannon is widely used in our country, and can be used in urban construction sites, metallurgical steel plants, cement plants, coal chemical enterprises and other places that are prone to dust. At the same time, it is also suitable for dust control and cooling in large outdoor places such as parks, leisure squares, sports fields, and large industrial workshops.