What are the measures for dust pollution on urban roads?

DATE:2021-06-01 13:42:20



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For roadbed construction, the following specific measures can be taken for dust pollution:
(1) When loading soil materials in the borrow yard, they should be loaded while sprinkling water on the pile or soil surface to reduce the amount of dust generated during soil material handling and dumping, and the construction site should be reasonably arranged. All construction excavation and filling materials should be stacked and stored uniformly, the number of storage yards should be reduced as much as possible, and shed cloth should be added; the storage location should be selected reasonably, the handling links should be minimized, and the dust prevention measures should be provided when handling. Do it lightly.
(2) As far as possible, the transportation vehicles should choose smooth pavement and hardened roads, and the construction access roads should use coke slag, graded sand and gravel, construction waste, asphalt concrete or cement concrete and other materials as much as possible. Personnel regularly clean and spray water on nearby transportation roads to maintain humidity and prevent road dust.
(3) Beware of over-loading of transport vehicles, and shall not exceed the height of the carriage plate, and adopt covering and airtight measures to reduce throwing and scattering along the way. Clean the soil materials scattered on the road in time, wash the carriages and tires of transport vehicles regularly, and fence or set up barriers at the borrow pits and construction sites close to residential areas to reduce the spread of construction dust and reduce the adverse effects caused by dust pollution.
(4) When there is excessive wind speed or unfavorable weather conditions, soil transportation and roadbed filling construction operations should be stopped, and the frequency and amount of water spraying on various roads should be increased, and the construction period should be reasonably arranged. Speed up the construction speed as much as possible, reduce the construction time, and recommend the construction unit to adopt the construction method step by step.
(5) Increase the greening penetration rate of the roads around the construction site, increase the amount of greening on both sides of the road, and adopt reasonable greening methods, and strive to eliminate the bare ground on both sides of the public road.