Why is the long-range dust reduction fog cannon so popular?

DATE:2021-07-14 17:36:58



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Traditional methods of dust control often lead to secondary 

pollution and high costs. The introduction of long-range 

dust suppression fog cannons has effectively addressed 

these issues. This innovative equipment uses high-pressure 

pumps and fine nozzles to spray water, utilizing fan-

generated air volume and pressure to propel mist over 

long distances. The fine mist particles remain airborne 

for a duration, effectively capturing dust particles which 

then settle on the ground. Compared to conventional 

water spray methods, which are limited by small coverage 

and high water consumption, these fog cannons offer 

significant improvements in efficiency and dust reduction 



concrete batch plant dust control

The fine water mist emitted by remote dust-reducing 

fog cannons helps aggregate and settle PM2.5 and 

PM10 dust particles suspended in the air, thus reducing 

pollutants and haze. Although water consumption is 

higher compared to traditional sprinklers, the coverage 

area is significantly larger, over 20 times in some cases. 

According to data, remote dust-reducing fog cannons 

have proven effective in reducing PM2.5 and PM10