Where are the high-pressure fog cannons used?

DATE:2021-07-23 17:29:45



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Air-driven high-pressure fog cannons are mainly used in the following areas: dust reduction in coal yards, coal sheds, mine construction sites, demolition buildings, sand and gravel plants, etc.; deodorization of landfills, garbage stations, public places and other places; farmland , Orchards, lawns, tea gardens and other places of watering, fertilizers and maintenance; playgrounds, concerts and other large entertainment venues to cool down; it can also be used in airports to repel birds. The application range of the air-driven high-pressure fog gun is extremely wide, and it will become more and more extensive. Let's look forward to it!

The air-driven high-pressure fog gun machine has these characteristics:

1. It will not cause secondary pollution of the atmosphere. The water mist sprayed by the air-driven high-pressure fog gun and the spraying range are very wide, and will not cause secondary pollution due to aggregation; while ordinary spray equipment is not easy to control the water consumption and spraying of the device during operation Volume, thus causing secondary pollution. The spray cleaning machine cannot fully control the water consumption, and will interfere with the water storage and cause secondary air pollution. Will not cause secondary air pollution.

2. The matching power of the air-driven high-pressure fog cannon can be selected flexibly. The power supply can be 380V three-phase mains, or it can be a battery pack or a generator set. If a special power supply of 440V/660V or 60HZ is required, we also support special customization.

3. Flexible equipment installation engineering. It can be fixedly installed on a concrete injection platform, or it can pretend that the hub device is made into a movable type or a hand-push/tow type, and can be installed on a transport vehicle using the power supply of an auxiliary generator set.

4. The actual operation is flexible, and the application is safe and stable. Users can freely choose remote control or manual operation. The spray angle can be adjusted freely, the pitch angle is -10°-45°, and the rotation angle is 0°-340°.