Where are the high-pressure fog cannons used?

DATE:2021-07-23 17:29:45



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Versatile Applications and Key Features of Air-Driven High-

Pressure Fog Cannons

Air-driven high-pressure fog cannons are 

indispensable tools across a variety of sectors 

due to their efficiency and wide-ranging 


Here are some of the primary uses:

mobile dust suppression equipment

1.Dust Reduction:Ideal for coal yards, coal sheds, mine 

construction sites, demolition sites, and sand and gravel 


2.Odor Control:Effective in landfills, garbage stations, 

public places, and more.

3.Agricultural Use:Useful for watering, fertilizing, and 

maintaining farmland, orchards, lawns, and tea gardens.

4.Cooling:Perfect for large entertainment venues like 

playgrounds and concert arenas.

dust suppression equipment

5.Bird Repellent:Can be deployed in airports to keep 

birds at bay.


As the adoption of air-driven high-pressure fog cannons 

continues to grow, their application range will expand even 

further. Let’s explore their significant features:

Key Features of Air-Driven High-Pressure Fog Cannons

1.No Secondary Pollution:The extensive water mist spray 

coverage ensures effective dust suppression without 

causing secondary atmospheric pollution. Unlike 

conventional spray equipment, which can lead to 

secondary pollution due to uncontrolled water usage, 

air-driven fog cannons maintain an optimal balance.

2.Flexible Power Options:These machines offer versatile 

power configurations. They can operate on a 380V 

three-phase mains supply, battery packs, or generator 

sets. Special power requirements, such as 440V/660V 

or 60HZ, can also be customized.

3.Adaptable Installation:The installation can be fixed 

on a concrete injection platform, or the fog cannon can 

be mounted on a movable hub, hand-pushed, or towed 

type setup. It can also be installed on transport vehicles 

using auxiliary generator power.

4.User-Friendly Operation:Users have the option of 

remote control or manual operation. The spray angle 

is adjustable, with a pitch range of -10° to 45° and a 

rotation angle of 0° to 340°. This ensures precise 

targeting and flexibility in various operational scenarios.

With these advantages, air-driven high-pressure fog 

cannons are set to revolutionize dust suppression

odor control, agricultural maintenance, cooling, and 

bird repellent applications. Let's anticipate even 

broader utilization of this innovative technology!