Installation method of environmental protection fog cannon

DATE:2021-07-30 17:15:38



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Environmental protection fog cannon 

equipment utilizes spray technology 

to atomize water into ultra-fine droplets 

(<10μm). This atomized mist, with its 

large contact area and high evaporation 

rate, quickly saturates dusty areas, 

effectively enhancing humidity and 

capturing respirable dust through 

cloud physics, aerodynamics, and 

airflow dynamics.

Key features include the ability of small water particles 

to efficiently combine with dust, condensing and settling 

as a low-moisture "mud cake". This simplifies subsequent 

treatment equipment and reduces operational costs 

compared to wet dust removal methods.


Installation methods for environmental protection 

fog cannons vary:

1.Fixed Installation:Offers high dust removal efficiency 

(>96%) with a wider coverage area and larger horizontal 

rotation angle.

2.Tower Installation:Provides flexibility on towers with 

remote,automatic,centralized,or manual control options,

optimizing operational labor.

Dust Control Water Sprayer

3.Vehicle-mounted Installation:Flexibly movable on a 

vehicle base, featuring a two-way geographic water 

supply spray ring to conserve water based on dust size.

4.Trailer-mounted Installation:Tailored configurations 

available,optionally equipped with water tanks (up to 

4 tons) and generators for enhanced working efficiency.

Fog Cannon Dust Control

For detailed installation guidelines and specifications, 

refer to specific model documentation or manufacturer 


Sprayer Fog Cannon