Installation method of environmental protection fog cannon

DATE:2021-07-30 17:15:38



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The environmental protection fog cannon equipment uses spray technology to atomize water into ultra-fine water droplets. The atomized water mist has a small particle size and a particle size of <10μm. The large contact area and high evaporation rate make the water vapor rapid in the dusty area. Reaching saturation can not only meet the requirements for improving the humidity of respirable dust, but also realize the capture of "respirable dust" through various mechanisms such as cloud physics, aerodynamics, and the transportation of Stephen's flow.

In addition, the main feature of the environmental protection fog cannon is that the atomized water particles are very small and easy to combine with dust particles and condense and settle. Therefore, its water content is greatly lower than that of wet dust removal, and the precipitated dust is in the form of "mud cake", so subsequent treatment The equipment is simple and the operating cost is low.
Having finished talking about the characteristics of environmental protection fog cannons, let’s understand the installation methods of fog cannon equipment. Common installation methods of environmental protection fog cannons include: fixed fog cannons, tower fog cannons, vehicle-mounted fog cannons, and trailers. Fog cannon machine and so on.

For the detailed installation of the environmental protection fog cannon, please see the following:
1. Fixed installation: The main advantage is that the atomization particle size is smaller, the effective dust removal rate is up to 96% or more, the horizontal rotation angle is larger, and the coverage area is wider under the same range of specifications.
2. Tower type installation: It can be used on the tower flexibly, with four control methods including remote control, automatic control, centralized control and manual control, which effectively saves equipment operation labor.
3. Vehicle-mounted installation: It can be used with a car base and can be moved flexibly, where it needs to go. It also uses a two-way geographic water supply spray ring, which can be selected according to the size of the dust to be one-way or two-way water spray, which can save water. .
4. Trailer-mounted installation: You can freely choose the configuration, free to choose whether you need to be equipped with a water tank and a generator. The model of the flatbed trailer is also tailored to the model of the fog cannon. The volume of the water tank is at least about 2.5 tons, even up to 4 tons, super large The volumetric water tank ensures the working efficiency of the fog cannon.