Tips for using fog cannons to prevent freezing in winter

DATE:2021-03-02 08:48:39



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Zhengtong Fog Cannon-

Advanced Antifreeze and 

Noise Reduction Design

The Zhengtong fog cannon is designed 

with an innovative antifreeze preheating 

system. The control system features a 

reserved heating interface, and an 

electric preheating function is added. 

This ensures that the fog cannon will 

not freeze or be damaged during 

winter operations.

Low Noise and Vibration Reduction

The fog cannon operates with low noise levels, 

thanks to its advanced anti-vibration and noise 

reduction technology. Operating noise is reduced 

to below 95 decibels, fully complying with national 

environmental protection standards. This design 

ensures a quieter working environment while 

effectively controlling dust.

concrete batch plant dust control


Uniform Spray and Nozzle Design

The fog cannon features independently developed nozzles 

that spray water evenly.This design prevents excessive 

water accumulation on material sites,particularly avoiding 

large-scale icing in winter. This helps maintain a clean work 

surface and prevents secondary environmental pollution.

demolition dust suppression equipment

High Safety Standards

Designed for harsh environments and unstable conditions,

the fog cannon incorporates high safety standards. All 

important components are imported and include 

automatic power-off protection. The motor is equipped 

with an acceleration device for even starting, reducing 

fan vibration. Hydraulic rotation is included to address 

safety hazards and prevent accidents.

spray cannon machine