Tips for using fog cannons to prevent freezing in winter

DATE:2021-03-02 08:48:39



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The antifreeze preheating design of Zhengtong fog cannon, the control system has a reserved interface for heating, and the electric preheating function is added, so that the fog cannon will not freeze and be damaged in winter. Low noise, the fog gun machine is designed with anti-vibration and noise reduction technology, which reduces the operating noise to below 95 decibels, which fully complies with the national environmental protection standards to ensure noise reduction in the working environment while protecting dust.

The fog cannon machine sprays evenly and uses independently developed nozzles. The water spray is evenly sprayed and will not produce a large amount of water on the material site. In particular, it will avoid large-scale icing in winter, affecting the work surface and not forming. Secondary environmental pollution and high safety: The fog cannon is used in harsh environments and unstable factors. All important components are imported. It has automatic power-off protection. It is equipped with a motor to accelerate the start device evenly to reduce fan vibration. It is equipped with hydraulic rotation to solve the problem. Safety hazards and prevention of safety accidents.