Features of fixed fog cannon

DATE:2021-03-01 18:10:03



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The application scope of the fixed environmental protection and dust removal gun is: the fixed type environmental protection dust sprayer is suitable for the water mist, dust suppression and dust suppression in the larger construction sites such as environmental protection industry, open pit coal mine, steel making plant, cement plant, coking plant, wharf, mine and city demolition, etc. the water mist sprayed from the fog gun and the PM2.5 and PM10 dust particles adsorbed in the air are adsorbed, polymerized and settled. To achieve the purpose of reducing dust pollutants and haze. The fog gun adopts high-pressure water pump and special nozzle to make water mist with diameter of about 10 ~ 200m. Zhengtong environmental protection fog gun sends water mist to the dust concentration place through high-performance long-range fan. Water mist and dust combine, absorb, agglomerate and become heavy, and settle to the ground under its own gravity, so as to achieve the purpose of effective dust reduction.


The use of fog cannon has improved the living environment. In recent years, the prevention and control of air pollution has been widely concerned. Dust has a huge impact on today's society, breathing air every day, if the air quality is not good, it will directly affect human health. With the rapid development of construction, coal, mining and other industries, a large amount of dust will be produced in all aspects of construction, mining and transportation, which is a kind of pollution source.